Why Horizons

What Makes Us Different:

horizonspb_096There are many different options when it comes to evaluation and treatment services for you and your child, and we’d like you to know what makes us different from the rest:

  • Our award-winning multidisciplinary team of professionals includes clinicians who are highly trained; have experience in home, school, hospital, and private practice settings; and are continually expanding their skills by researching and learning the most innovative methods available.
  • Patients of all ages are welcome at our center, as we treat individuals from infancy through adulthood.
  • We provide a variety of the most effective, innovative, and research-based approaches and programs that take into account all aspects of health and functioning; applied in a logical way that best meets the needs of each patient.
  • Patients are seen quickly so families and medical providers don’t have to wait for answers – we don’t believe in lengthy waiting lists.
  • We utilize the highest quality research-based evaluation tools, and spend time getting to know patients and their histories before making a diagnosis.
  • When treating children, parents and other family members are included in the treatment process.  Work with adults can involve spouses, significant others, and other family members as well.  Our goal is to improve quality of life for the family as a whole!
  • horizonspb_069Each patient is viewed as an individual with unique strengths and challenges, and never as a diagnosis or label.
  • Our comfortable home-like environment provides state of the art equipment and services in a space our patients look forward to visiting.
  • Technology allows us to work with people throughout the United States and around the world; making our consultation services available to patients and families regardless of location.
  • Time is important, and we won’t waste yours by making you sit in our waiting room. We see patients at the scheduled time without lengthy or unpredictable wait times.
  • Research is important to us, and we are involved in collaborative clinical research with centers around the world.
  • The unique proprietary CORE Approach™ we have developed for our child and adolescent patients allows us to provide timely, thorough, cost-effective services that deliver results.

CORE Approach

Overview of the CORE Approach

Identifying the core elements of an individual’s challenges is the best way to relieve symptoms and improve functioning. We do this by identifying all of the underlying causes of symptoms, and addressing them in an integrated and developmental way. Our goal is to allow patients to receive the bulk of the treatments they need through one integrated plan with one team of professionals.

To accomplish this, we start our work by assessing the patient’s unique presentation of strengths and challenges, along with the needs of the family as a whole. We then prioritize the issues and determine which therapeutic protocols and strategies are likely to produce positive results. A plan is developed to provide parent education and direct treatment that will begin creating positive change in all aspects of the child’s life.

CORE stands for Comprehensive Opportunities for Regulation and Engagement. It is literally the core of what we provide for child and adolescent patients.

The children and teens we see have been diagnosed with any number of clinical disorders, including but not limited to:

All of these disorders are, at their core, disorders of various regulatory processes in the brain and body.

Our goal is to provide patients with experiences that engage them and, thus, improve their ability to appropriately manage the information that comes into their brains and bodies. This allows them to communicate, relate, focus, move, learn, and behave in ways that improve their quality of life now and in the future. We teach parents and professionals the skills to help children of all ages improve their regulatory functions throughout the day; using specific therapeutic activities as well as incorporating strategies in the context of everyday life experiences.

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