Tim and Jill M.


Tim and Jill M.

Horizons couldn’t have come along at a better time in our lives. Their program has given us the ability to have an effective and meaningful relationship with our son, who has Tuberous Sclerosis, and it has taught us how to enrich that relationship. It definitely has connected us with our son and it has positively changed our outlook for the future.

Working with our clinician at Horizons has allowed us to get through to our son, who previously was lost in a world of spinning fans, flipping pages of books, and ignoring what everyone else was doing. He now feels more competent, as evidenced by his willingness to try new things. He has become more aware of the people around him, especially his family members. He knows rules and boundaries and the consequences for breaking those rules. Jacob loves to help out around the house, including unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, and raking leaves with us. We still have a lot to work on, and are reminded daily of the struggles that remain, but we feel so much better knowing that we are on the right path. We have learned how to communicate with Jacob effectively and how to help him engage in activities with us. Just knowing that we have the tools and understanding to help him continue to grow has helped us relax and feel more competent and hopeful.

The Horizons Developmental Resource Center has given us a new outlook. It is hard work, and it takes patience and time. However, the payoff is more than worth it!

Tim and Jill M.
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