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Leaving Crisis Behind

This is the time of year when many people in my day to day world go into crisis. In my school job I work with many teachers and staff who go into job crisis because there is so much to do and so little time to get it done before summer break. We are all …


212° Learning

If you read our blog regularly you may remember something Erin posted about a couple of months ago – at 211° water is hot, but at 212° it boils; that one degree makes all the difference. We have taken that concept and applied it to our instructional programs. This week in our blog we’re going …


Build it up!

Nicole did a beautiful job last night talking about elaborations. She took the standpoint of looking at the final elaboration and choosing prototypes to build competence incrementally in order to achieve success in the final activity. Another way to look at this is to take the activities you might be doing already and think about …


Break It On Down

We had a great chat tonight with some of our families about variations and elaborations. One of the best reminders that came out of it was that every activity can be broken down into component parts that allow you to build competence in increments. One parent mentioned that making a garden would be too complex …


Learned Helplessness

One of the concepts we talk about frequently with families is “guided participation”, also referred to as the “master-apprentice” relationship that should exist between parents and their children. We want all children to be apprentices to their parents, to actively participate in life activities under the guidance of their parents. As parents we should always …


Either Row or Get out of the Boat!

Have you ever jumped into a canoe and tried to paddle on your own? What about joining another person and they aren’t rowing correctly or you are working harder than the other person? Either you work together or you’ll end up spinning in circles, getting nowhere. In order to be successful you need to be …


Creative/Flexible Thinking

I can’t believe that I’ve already covered 4 of the 5 core deficits! (self awareness, episodic memory, appraisal/dynamic analysis and experience sharing) The time goes by fast! The final core deficit is creative/flexible thinking. Quite often this is the core deficit that most people can identify and say “ah, yes” autism and flexible thinking certainly …



As I was sitting down at my desk this morning I remembered today was Thursday and it is my turn to blog (my days are little mixed up starting back to school on a Wednesday). I hadn’t really been thinking about what I should blog on this week until I went to write down my …


You can all be creative!

A lot of you are off for a few days or maybe even a week over the holidays and so time is in your hands. Some of you may be thinking – what am I going to do with my child during this time? You shouldn’t be hearing – “I’m bored,” or “There’s nothing to …


Schools Clarification

In my last post I wrote about my two different jobs and that I would be blogging about a variety of things one of which being RDI in relation to schools. After thinking about it for the last week I wanted to offer some clarification to what I meant by that. First of all, RDI …

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