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Statewide Assessments

It is that time of year again in the State of Michigan for statewide assessments. Over the next few weeks, children in 3rd grade or higher, will be participating in some form of an assessment. If your child is completing an assessment, it will be important to remember to be supportive and a bit more …


Sloooooooow Down

If you work with any of the staff at our clinic you know that we encourage families to slow down your lives in order to work on remediation with your children. Here are some stats about our current fast-paced culture: 1) The average workweek is 47 hours, up from 34 hours twenty years ago. 2) …


Unreasonable Expectations

Often times it’s hard to distinguish what we can expect from our children and as a result get upset with them over something in which we shouldn’t have or could have prevented if we thought ahead. Are we expecting too much when we require them to sit at the dinning room table when they are …


You are what you eat

Have you ever paid attention to the things that you say in front of your children? It’s amazing how many people I’ve observed talking about their child in front of their child. Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. I think the phrase “you are what you are told you are” …


The Days Are Long, But The Years Fly By

I read that some where recently and thought how true this can be. Staying home with children can make the days really long and yet how often do we hear ourselves saying – “how is she having another birthday?” I had a friend of mine who is a teacher say something similar in regards to …


Turning “Can’t” into “CAN”

I’ve decided I don’t like the word “can’t”. It sounds so defeating – “I can’t do it.” “My son can’t do that.” Sometimes parents will talk about their children in terms of “can’ts” – “That’s too hard – he can’t do it.” “I tried to show him but he can’t understand.” When I hear those …


Making a Change

Going with this week’s theme it is that time of year when many school decisions are being made. I too have talked with many families recently about school next year. This can be such a quandary for so many families. What to do, where to go, what services do I choose, what is the best …


Sit back, relax and enjoy!

I am once again going to roll with what Nicole has talked about and add my thoughts. We have found a pattern as we continue our work with families. May is the time of IEP’s and thinking about the year to come. This is the time of year when phone calls and e-mails are endless …


School Quandries

With the end of the school year upon us I have been talking to many families lately about school issues. School-related decisions seem to be an ever-present issue for all families, but especially for families with a child with unique learning needs. Here are some things I have found myself saying to families recently in …


A New Beginning

Right before my husband (Kevin) and I were married we attended a church service in which the pastor encouraged each person to write a mission statement for themselves and/or their family. Kevin and I took this challenge and decided we’d like to start our marriage off with a mission statement. Unfortunately we got as far …

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