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Got Feeding Issues?

This post is for any parent or teacher who struggles with how to help a child who is a picky eater or a child with a diagnosed feeding problem. These problems can be so tough to deal with – especially in our society where eating is such a big part of what we do! Eating …


Picky Eater or Problem Feeder?

Picky Eater or Problem Feeder? By: Erin Roon, MA CCC-SLP Do you have a child who is a picky eater or has a very limited diet? Does s/he refuse to try new things, or struggle with bridging from one form of a food to another? To have a well balanced diet, people should eat a …


Great Artwork Display Idea

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids seem to be constantly bringing home tons of artwork from school to add to the already huge pile of things they create at home. Then I’m faced with the dilemma of what to do with all of it. If I toss everything, then feelings are hurt. …


Time Saving Tips + Variation Ideas

Hi Everybody, I have been a delinquent blogger over the past few weeks, so I’m jumping in on a Thursday (hopefully no one is too dysregulated by this variation)! I recently read a magazine article with fabulous time-saving tips for getting chores done – and they provide some excellent opportunities for variations as well: 1) …


Thought Provoking…

  Good evening! I hope you and your family had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. It is so nice to spend time with our family and friends! Now that we are back into the swing of school and work, it is nice to refocus ourselves and look towards the year ahead. I recently began …


Traffic Confusion

On my way home from school this afternoon, I experienced a new traffic issue which I have never experienced before. On M-37 (an interstate like road here in West Michigan), the traffic lights at one of the busiest intersections were not working properly. The red and yellow lights would come on when appropriate; however, when …


Halloween Safety

Happy Halloween! Today is a day of fun, overwhelming activities and way to much candy! All of this can result in tough days to follow as children are overstimulated, sick from too much candy and tired from decreased sleep. It’s important to remember to: limit the amount of candy your child eats each day eat …


Halloween Is Approaching…

This afternoon, I received an email from a concerned mother regarding Halloween. She was wondering what my thoughts were on her son’s participation in his school’s party and trick or treating. As many of you can well imagine, Halloween is a very unpredictable day for all children. The level of uncertainty is very high. I …


Time Wasters or Awesome Opportunities?

I recently came across an online article about ways to spend time while waiting with a child. The title of the article was “Time Wasters,” but as I read through the list it occurred to me that all of them would be awesome RDI(r) opportunities. Many of them brought me back to my own childhood …


Finding Balance

“The whole practice of yoga – the breathing, the postures, the meditation – is about balancing your life.” – Ani Kolfoyan I know of several of our clients who use yoga as a way to find balance in their lives. I have even done a bit of yoga myself from time to time and it …

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