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Ask the Horizons Team: Homework Frustrations

Question: My 9-year-old son has a really difficult time with homework and it becomes a battle every night.  I feel like from the minute he gets off the bus we are trying to tackle getting it all done, and it’s making me crazy.  Do you have any suggestions of how to make this better for …


Raising Responsible and Respectable Children

If anybody says that parenting is easy, they must not have kids! As a parent of three wonderful children, I have found that each one needs to be parented differently. One child needs to be held often, one needs opportunities to talk, and the other thrives on quality time. One is strong willed, another is …


Ask the Horizons Team: How to make eye contact with your child

Question: My child only looks at me when I tell him to. I do not want to continue to prompt him. What do I do? -Marilyn in Traverse City, MI


Learning to Think: Part One – All Students Can Learn to be Mindful

Summer has come to an end and school has begun for many children. School buses are busily picking up students and dropping them off during the morning and evening commutes. With the beginning of a new school year, I thought it would be helpful to look into the realm of education and the way our …


Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: 4 Essential Components of Treatment

Whether your child has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, or another neurodevelopmental disorder (or you suspect that your child has some atypical developmental characteristics), you may feel confused and overwhelmed regarding treatment options. There are many different approaches that can be beneficial depending on your child’s specific symptoms and needs. It can …


Gluten Free Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthy

My family started down the gluten free path several months ago. The first thing I did was empty my cupboards of everything that contained gluten so that I didn’t need to worry about whether particular items fit our new lifestyle. My cupboards and refrigerator were safe for everybody. The next thing I did was to …


Back to School: How to Strive and Thrive During the Transition

Summer is almost over, and we will soon be seeing the flashing lights of school buses during the morning and afternoon commutes. Now that the summer is quickly coming to an end, it is time for parents to begin thinking about getting ready for school. Gearing up for the new school year can be very …


Happy Birthday to You! How to Celebrate Your Child’s Special Day Appropriately

Over the past few months, a few of my clients have asked “how should we celebrate our child’s birthday, taking into consideration his or her special needs.”  This is an important question on many levels, since we all want to celebrate special occasions with family; however, this can sometimes be too much for many of …


Ask the Horizons Team: If a child isn’t attending, is it best to use a non-verbal prompt to get them to re-engage?

Question: I’ve heard you speak about different levels of prompts and have a question about that. If a child isn’t attending, is it best to use a non-verbal prompt to get them to re-engage? -Gary in Indiana


The Power of Togetherness

My baby just turned 4. One of the things we decided to do to celebrate his birthday was to build him a new sandbox. I’m so glad we have my dad around; because if it were up to my husband and me to build it, we’d have a pile of sand in the middle of …

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