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My Dog’s Got a Canker Sore, and Other Random Comments…

“My dog has a canker sore.”  “My dad ran over the mailbox.”  “I named an alligator after my boyfriend.”  “Is she from here?”  “Can I touch her hair?”  This list could go on and on.  Why is it that random strangers feel compelled to ask personal questions that they wouldn’t even ask their own mother?  …


To Control or Not Control

It drives me crazy when I just finish cleaning the kitchen and my husband sets down a dirty dish – right next to the sink and above the ever so welcoming dishwasher. Why can’t he just take two seconds longer, open the dishwasher, and put it in? I could let that burn, and get angry. …


Watching It All Come Together

I had the pleasure today of doing part of an update assessment with a peer dyad. The child with autism has been working on remediation with his parents for the past two years, and I got to see all the pieces come together today for the first time with another child. It was such an …

Covid-19 "Coronavirus" Notice

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