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Ask the Horizons Team: How to deal with transition and change

Question: My son is finishing 5th grade and will be going to the middle school next year. It’s a totally new building and he is already talking about all the things that will be “different”. He struggles in general with things that are different, but is getting better with acknowledging and accepting that things can’t …


Ask the Horizons Team: Parent-School Partnerships

Question: As a special education team leader in an elementary school, I’ve been taking to heart some of the things you’ve written about regarding parent-school partnerships. I’m looking to make our school district less stressful and frustrating for families whose children struggle in school. What are some of the biggest complaints that you receive from …


Treating Feeding Difficulties in the School Environment

There are many children within the school environment that have feeding difficulties.  For these children, the task of eating lunch and snack at school is a daunting one.  However, lunch and snack time can present the perfect opportunity for addressing feeding difficulties if given the necessary attention and intervention. A team collaboration framework is necessary …


Go With Your Gut: Five Tips for Parents Making School-Related Decisions

School-related decisions seem to be an ever-present issue for all families, but especially for families with a child with unique learning needs. Here are some tips I find myself frequently providing parents in regards to their child’s education: Do not buy into the idea that there is a certain place out there that is a …


Ask the Horizons Team: Writing & Typing Computer Programs

Question: I’m looking for a computer program to help my son learn typing and writing skills. He’s 7 years old and is interested in using the computer, but struggles with typing and getting his thoughts down in writing. Do you have any programs you recommend? -Donna in Michigan


Ask the Horizons Team: Homework Battle

Question: My 9-year-old son has a really difficult time with homework and it becomes a battle every night.  I feel like from the minute he gets off the bus we are trying to tackle getting it all done, and it’s making me crazy.  Do you have any suggestions of how to make this better for …


Fixer or Facilitator?

As a former itinerant staff member in a local school district, I can identify with how difficult it is to feel like you are really making an impact.  From the large caseloads to student schedules, to the traveling from building to building, and everything in between, it can be hard to know if you are …


Holiday Parties—Helpful Hints for Educators

The leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall from the trees; and whether we want to admit it or not, fall has arrived here in West Michigan!  It is hard to believe that in less than two weeks, children will be knocking at my door trick-or-treating.  With the arrival of fall, it is important …


Homework Headaches: How to Reduce Stress and Frustration between Parents and Children

For many families, the hustle and bustle of the after-school time can be stressful for both parents and children. Kids come home, want a snack, and need to get the wiggles and giggles out while we as parents are trying to accomplish those last minute things that need to be done for the day. Homework …


The Pencil, Gumby and The Stress Ball

Let’s face it, we all have routines that help us manage our lives. I can think of at least three routines I use on work days: I have a definite routine that I follow each morning, and one before bed; I also follow the same route to work every day. Following these routines helps me …

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