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Ensuring Success through Guided Participation

By: Michelle VanderHeide A little girl, about 1 year old, is standing next to a coffee table when she decides that she wants to step off and make an attempt at walking. She immediately falls to the ground. One of two things can happen at that point. A parent or caregiver can see this attempt, …



“A child must have some version of, “Yes I imagine I can do this.” And a teacher must also view the present child as competent and on that basis imagine new possibilities.” Dyson 1999 This quote comes from a book I am currently reading, Choice Words: How Our Language Affects Children’s Learning. Nicole introduced me …


Sharing your Love

“Love is the simplest thing in the world. Yet we often make it the most complicated.” – Anne When we get too busy, we forget that love is a gift and that we are not in charge no matter what we do. Love is an energy flow. It can’t be held. It can’t be controlled. …


Self-Inflicted Problems

This morning the quote on my daily calendar read, “Most of the problems we face in life are man-made, and we are the man who made them.” How true is that?! Let’s face it, when we run into a problem in life we typically look at what we can blame the problem on…and none of …


Another Great Story

I don’t think I’ll be able to top the story that Nicole shared yesterday, but I thought since she shared a nice success story that I would share something that happened this week as well. I have been working with this family for just over a year now and they have begun their third assessment. …


Unconditional Love

Sometimes it is amazing how much we at the office think along the same lines. I knew already on Saturday night what I would blog about this week. As Michelle said in her post this week I got my priorities in order. I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours on Saturday night …


Either Row or Get out of the Boat!

Have you ever jumped into a canoe and tried to paddle on your own? What about joining another person and they aren’t rowing correctly or you are working harder than the other person? Either you work together or you’ll end up spinning in circles, getting nowhere. In order to be successful you need to be …


Man on Bicycle

One of our parents wrote this essay and gave us permission to share it with you here. It paints a wonderful picture of the importance of broadband communication and meaning-making between people. Thanks to Penny Ray for sharing this with us and for allowing us to share it with others. I was at a busy …


Self Awareness

I was going to post on appraisal today, but my thoughts were really on self awareness. This is one of the easier core deficits to understand and really the one that is the most evident in others when they are lacking this necessary trait. Self awareness is the ability to not only understand how you …

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