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Developing a Sleep Schedule That Works

“I just want to have a quiet evening! Why won’t you just go to sleep?!?” Do you ever have those nights? Maybe this is your night every night! Whatever the situation, it makes life much more stressful when you are tired and can’t get your child or children to fall asleep and sleep well! Rest …


SUCCESS Builds Confidence!

Living in our dynamic, fast changing world can be extremely stressful — even for those who are processing information at a normal rate. Imagine moving to another country where you know only a limited amount of the language that the nationals speak. It could be overwhelming! Now imagine trying to keep up the same lifestyle …


I Want, Therefore I Shall Have?

“I wish you guys would move to the end of the driveway, so I didn’t have to walk so far.” These were the words of a young girl trick or treating at our house this year. It seems that every generation gets just a little worse with this sense of entitlement. What causes this? Maybe …


Summer’s Coming! 5 Helpful Tips for Parents

  Many parents both love and hate the thought of summer vacation. On the one hand, you’re ready to be done with the homework, backpacks full of papers, seemingly endless fundraisers, and getting the kids up and out the door to catch the bus every morning. Summer holds the possibility of a slower pace, fun …


Is it enough?

Recently I had a mom ask me “Am I doing enough for my son?” She then went on to say that she didn’t feel like she could ever do enough. I am sure many parents feel that way. I had another parent say to me that even though she felt that her child was making …



The topic of compensations seemed to be a real popular one last week, so I stopped to realize how I overcompensate for my children. The times I find that I overcompensate the most for my girls is when I’m in a hurry, tired or just “not in the mood” to slow down and guide. What …


Time Away

This weekend I had the most wonderful opportunity. I ran away from home with my dear friends from high school. There were 8 of us walking the streets of New York City and what a refreshing 48 hours it was. I came home remembering that I am an individual, that my arms and legs are …



Ok, so I skipped last week, I feel bad, but not bad enough to appraise that I needed to go back and do the entire post again. You see I didn’t forget to write my post, the blogspot server just decided to give up on me the minute I was about to publish. Ugh!! Talk …



Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. I love my children, I really do, but something about the holidays makes parenting really hard. I’ve been reflecting on this lately. A normal evening for my kids entails eating dinner, taking a bath, watching a video, reading a few books, brushing teeth, and going to …