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Ask the Horizons Team: How to support a child with very narrow food choices

Question: I work with a child who is VERY limited in his food.  As of right now he only eats full cashews of the Fleet Farm Brand. (He won’t even eat pieces).  If we try anything else…a different brand or pieces of the same brand, it is a full meltdown and he refuses to eat …


What the Kaizen Principle Means For Your Child, Your Family, and You

With the dawn of a new calendar year comes the urge to make big changes in our lives.  There is something about starting a fresh calendar with the entire year ahead that gets us thinking about all the things we might do over the next 12 months.  If we are honest with ourselves most of …


Choosing Optimism

Positive and negative.  Hope and despair.  Optimism and Pessimism.  I don’t have to look far on most days to see the stark contrast that exists between these two very different sides of the same coin.  In my work with families of children with special needs the realities of challenges are all too real, and the …


Ask the Horizons Team: Using Generic vs. Brand Name Medications

Question: My daughter has been doing well on the same antidepressant medication for the past 3 years. However, two months ago she began acting differently and the depressive symptoms seem to be returning. There have been no changes in her life or our family life, so this change doesn’t make sense. The pharmacy order service …


Gut Health and The Importance of Good Nutrition

Question: Last week your featured article was about gut health and the importance of good nutrition.  I found it very informative, and have been meaning to look at probiotic options for our family.  Do you have any favorite probiotics that you recommend to families? -Andy in Denver, CO


Ask the Horizons Team: How a Child’s Diet Impacts Health

Question: I’m trying to understand more about how my child’s diet and general health may be impacting her symptoms, specifically her sleep and irritability.  She has a diagnosis of autism.  Do you have any books or resources you recommend? -Brian in Michigan


Beating the Wintertime Blues

Winter can start to feel long by this point in the season, especially for those of us living in cold climates! The holidays are long gone, early mornings and routines are back in full swing, and our bodies are likely digesting more fat and sugar than normal. The sun seems rarely to shine, at least …


Treatment of Yeast Overgrowth

A previous article spoke about the damaging effects on our overall health and functioning caused by yeast overgrowth. This article will focus on the treatment of yeast overgrowth. In general, treatment of yeast overgrowth can include medication, supplements, special diets, or a combination of these. If you suspect yeast overgrowth, it is important to begin …


Candida, What?

Candida Albicans, or ‘yeast,’ is a harmful agent that can cause disease in our system.  For most of us, the yeast balanced out by the good bacteria in our intestinal tract; but some people don’t have enough good bacteria to combat the yeast, and overgrowth occurs.  When yeast overgrowth is present, many things can happen …


The Diet Debate

In the world of autism spectrum and related disorders, there is debate about the effectiveness of a Gluten Free/Casein Free (GFCF) diet.  Some research says that the GFCF diet improves the symptoms of autism, while other research reports that it has no effect.  Still other research reports that some other type of diet is needed.  …

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