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The Pencil, Gumby and The Stress Ball

Let’s face it, we all have routines that help us manage our lives. I can think of at least three routines I use on work days: I have a definite routine that I follow each morning, and one before bed; I also follow the same route to work every day. Following these routines helps me …



I wanted to piggy back on Nicole’s blog for this week about the first day/first week of school. For those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis you know that I went down to part time in the school’s this year, but made a commitment to spend most of the first week …


Creative/Flexible Thinking

I can’t believe that I’ve already covered 4 of the 5 core deficits! (self awareness, episodic memory, appraisal/dynamic analysis and experience sharing) The time goes by fast! The final core deficit is creative/flexible thinking. Quite often this is the core deficit that most people can identify and say “ah, yes” autism and flexible thinking certainly …