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I am going to piggyback off of Nicole and Michelle’s posts today. I have to say that I completely agree with Nicole and think that all college students in training as a speech/language pathologist should read the Tomasello book. It really makes you think about language and how it really develops. With each new book …


You are what you eat

Have you ever paid attention to the things that you say in front of your children? It’s amazing how many people I’ve observed talking about their child in front of their child. Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. I think the phrase “you are what you are told you are” …


The Days Are Long, But The Years Fly By

I read that some where recently and thought how true this can be. Staying home with children can make the days really long and yet how often do we hear ourselves saying – “how is she having another birthday?” I had a friend of mine who is a teacher say something similar in regards to …


The Power of Time

The power of providing processing time is truly an amazing thing. I recently watched a video of one of my clients making a snack with his mom. They made a dog out of fruit and when they finished putting it together mom made a great comment wondering what other type of animals they could make. …



Family, there is nothing so important in the world. Family comes in many different “shapes and sizes.” Many people have multiple families. There are nuclear families usually made up of blood relation, families of friends, workplace families, church families and on and on the list could go. Family is my number one priority in my …



I have often found that setting priorities in life can be very difficult. I know where my priorities lie and in which order they should be listed, but it seems that it’s much too easy to get those priorities mixed up, reversed and suddenly I wonder why my relationships are suffering. One of the early …


Making a Difference

Yesterday Nicole blogged about participating in the miracle of remediation. Tonight I sit in front of my television watching American Idol in which they are spotlighting poor families from around the who are suffering or dieing from AIDS, starvation, Malaria etc… and they are asking for simple donations to make a difference in the lives …


Duct Tape – What’s not to love?!

I will admit to being an occasional Amazon shopper. Sometimes I just need to zone out for a minute and Amazon never fails to provide something interesting to look at. One night a few weeks ago I really didn’t want to get started on my statistics homework so I decided to take a small detour …



One of my duties here at school each day is to wait with the kindergarten through 2nd grade children who are picked up by their parents each day. Every day I see children’s faces light up with huge delighted smiles as their parents come to pick them up. The kids are genuinely happy to see …


The Mayonnaise Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee

As I was reflecting on what Nicole wrote on Tuesday I received an e-mail from a staff member here at school that seemed to piggy back on her message of family. I thought this story would be a great one to share as part of my blog this week. I am also a very strong …

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