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The topic of compensations seemed to be a real popular one last week, so I stopped to realize how I overcompensate for my children. The times I find that I overcompensate the most for my girls is when I’m in a hurry, tired or just “not in the mood” to slow down and guide. What …


Healthy Lifestyles

I was reading this quote last night and thought about how it relates to keeping a healthy lifestyle. If our children are to approve of themselves, they must see that we approve of ourselves. – Maya Angelou In the line of work that we do it is not uncommon for us to come across parents …


Time Wasters or Awesome Opportunities?

I recently came across an online article about ways to spend time while waiting with a child. The title of the article was “Time Wasters,” but as I read through the list it occurred to me that all of them would be awesome RDI(r) opportunities. Many of them brought me back to my own childhood …


Another Great Story

I don’t think I’ll be able to top the story that Nicole shared yesterday, but I thought since she shared a nice success story that I would share something that happened this week as well. I have been working with this family for just over a year now and they have begun their third assessment. …


A Sense of Community

I decided that I would blog about our bi-weekly on-line chats that we do with our current RDI families this week. I really enjoy doing this every few weeks. It gives me an opportunity to interact with several different families that I wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to chat with since I am not their …


Too Much T.V.

  There are days when I wake up and feel like I’ve got way too much to get done. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded and reloaded, I haven’t had my coffee and it’ll be noon before I can pop my head above the pile of laundry that has accrued over the past two weeks. …


Turn It Off

The television that is. I found this quote on line today and thought it fit with what I wanted to say this week. Television has changed a child from an irresistible force to an immovable object. ~Author Unknown This topic has come to the forefront for me over the past few weeks. I have heard …


Sloooooooow Down

If you work with any of the staff at our clinic you know that we encourage families to slow down your lives in order to work on remediation with your children. Here are some stats about our current fast-paced culture: 1) The average workweek is 47 hours, up from 34 hours twenty years ago. 2) …


Unreasonable Expectations

Often times it’s hard to distinguish what we can expect from our children and as a result get upset with them over something in which we shouldn’t have or could have prevented if we thought ahead. Are we expecting too much when we require them to sit at the dinning room table when they are …


First Day of School

For those of us in Michigan, today marked the first day of the 2007-2008 school year. At my house we were up early and getting ready for the bus for the first time. My oldest is starting second grade, but up until this year we transported him ourselves. This year he and his kindergarten-age brother …

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