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Research Review: Diet and Depression

A new study published last week in the journal BMC Medicine (Sanchez-Villegas et al., 2015) adds to the growing body of evidence linking depression symptoms and nutrition status.  Study results indicate a significant connection between healthy dietary pattern and prevention of depression symptoms.  Specifically, they found that dietary patterns including higher levels of fruits, vegetables, …


Ask the Horizons Team: How to support a child with very narrow food choices

Question: I work with a child who is VERY limited in his food.  As of right now he only eats full cashews of the Fleet Farm Brand. (He won’t even eat pieces).  If we try anything else…a different brand or pieces of the same brand, it is a full meltdown and he refuses to eat …


Food Jags: What are They and How to Prevent Them

What is a food jag? Children with feeding difficulties tend to eat the same foods every day, even at every meal. Typically they require that the foods be prepared in the same way each time. For example, your child may only eat a hot dog for lunch every day. S/he will only eat the hot …


Why is this important?

The title of this article, “Why is this important?” has been the subject of many conversations in the office lately. I have had this discussion with parents and with a few of the teenagers that I see. People, no matter their age, need a reason or a purpose for doing the things they do. We …


Gluten Free Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Healthy

My family started down the gluten free path several months ago. The first thing I did was empty my cupboards of everything that contained gluten so that I didn’t need to worry about whether particular items fit our new lifestyle. My cupboards and refrigerator were safe for everybody. The next thing I did was to …


Ask the Horizons Team: Vitamins and Supplements for Kids

Question: I have a question about vitamins and supplements that I hope you can help with.  My kids have tons of food sensitivities and full-blown allergies, and I’m trying to find some supplements that they can take that do not have lots of additives or ingredients that trigger problems for them.  So far most of …


Treating Feeding Difficulties in the School Environment

There are many children within the school environment that have feeding difficulties.  For these children, the task of eating lunch and snack at school is a daunting one.  However, lunch and snack time can present the perfect opportunity for addressing feeding difficulties if given the necessary attention and intervention. A team collaboration framework is necessary …


Ask the Horizons Team: “How do I get my child to eat mac & cheese again?”

Question: My son used to eat macaroni and cheese on a regular basis, a week ago he refused to eat it and now says he doesn’t like it anymore.  He has a rather limited range of foods and now he won’t eat macaroni and cheese anymore.  How do I get him to eat it? -Dave …


Gut Health and The Importance of Good Nutrition

Question: Last week your featured article was about gut health and the importance of good nutrition.  I found it very informative, and have been meaning to look at probiotic options for our family.  Do you have any favorite probiotics that you recommend to families? -Andy in Denver, CO


Ask the Horizons Team: How a Child’s Diet Impacts Health

Question: I’m trying to understand more about how my child’s diet and general health may be impacting her symptoms, specifically her sleep and irritability.  She has a diagnosis of autism.  Do you have any books or resources you recommend? -Brian in Michigan

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