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Non-verbal Communication

As promised last week I am going to talk about my observations of non-verbal communication. It is amazing how relevant these topics become when you really start to focus and think about them. This past Friday we held a teacher workshop at Horizons talking about the core deficits of autism and ways that school personnel …


Communication – What happens when it breaks down?

I know I said I would be talking about my observations of non-verbal communication today, but something came up this week that I have been thinking a lot about and it ties in with communication so I am going to blog about that this week and come back to my observations next week. Plus that …


Communication – What’s it all about?

In my job as a school speech/language pathologist I work with children with a variety of communication deficits and needs. One part of my job includes being a member of our autism spectrum disorder evaluation team. In that capacity I have been doing a good deal of testing lately. On one particular test that I …


Core Deficits

Last night we had parent group and our discussion was on the core deficits of autism. It’s always good even as a consultant to revisit these core deficits and to constantly be thinking about how the activities and the way they are framed benefit those with ASD. Over the next several weeks I’m going to …


Schools Clarification

In my last post I wrote about my two different jobs and that I would be blogging about a variety of things one of which being RDI in relation to schools. After thinking about it for the last week I wanted to offer some clarification to what I meant by that. First of all, RDI …


What do piano lessons have to do with Broadband Processing?

My oldest son is in first grade and started taking piano lessons about 8 weeks ago. This is his first experience with playing the piano so everything is new to him. So far he has been exposed to rhythm / beat counts for each note, note names, using the right and left hand, where to …

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