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Communication is Dynamic

Communication is a dynamic process. It goes way beyond the words we say. Many people interchange the words communication, language, and speech; but these terms are not synonymous. Speech refers to the actual words or sounds that are coming from your mouth. Language is the grammar, meaning and ability to use the words you have. …


Experience Sharing Communication

By: Erin Roon, MA CCC-SLP Take a moment to read this short conversation between a mother and son. As you read, think about what is being communicated. Are you able to get a picture in your head? “Hey mom, you’ll never believe this! I saw a baby turtle in the road.” “Really, I wonder how …


Ask the Horizons Team: If a child isn’t attending, is it best to use a non-verbal prompt to get them to re-engage?

Question: I’ve heard you speak about different levels of prompts and have a question about that. If a child isn’t attending, is it best to use a non-verbal prompt to get them to re-engage? -Gary in Indiana


Ask the Horizons Team: I’m getting conflicted messages about what is going on with my daughter

Question: I have an 8-year-old daughter who has struggled with communication, behavior, and social skills since she was a toddler. She has been diagnosed with encopresis and we have been to see more specialists than I can count at this point. School doesn’t seem to feel there are significant issues, but she is having increasingly …


Ask the Horizons Team: My daughter spends too much time repeating TV shows

Question: My daughter spends a lot of time repeating phrases and conversations from the television shows she watches.  It can really interfere with getting her attention or trying to communicate with her.  It can be really hard to get her to stop.  Any suggestions? Jim in Grand Haven, Michigan


My Dog’s Got a Canker Sore, and Other Random Comments…

“My dog has a canker sore.”  “My dad ran over the mailbox.”  “I named an alligator after my boyfriend.”  “Is she from here?”  “Can I touch her hair?”  This list could go on and on.  Why is it that random strangers feel compelled to ask personal questions that they wouldn’t even ask their own mother?  …


Moments Together: Engaging Our Children in Everyday Life

I witnessed something recently that has caused me to think about the time we spend with our children, and the importance of everyday moments.  While standing in line at the counter of our family’s favorite pizza place, waiting for our take-out order to be ready, I noticed a little girl and her parents walk into …


The Journey through Childhood Development – You’re Almost Two

My son is very rapidly approaching his second birthday, and has progressed so much developmentally. The rate of development obviously slowed since his first year of life, as there is so much that happens in the first year. You may wonder what development has to do with autism, and why this topic is so important. …


Nonverbal Communication: What’s it all about?

Communication is critical to continued human development throughout our life span. It is what allows us to share thoughts, feelings, wonderings, and knowledge with others. Whether you are a verbal or nonverbal communicator, the vast majority of communication we do is through nonverbal channels. So if nonverbal communication makes up a substantial portion of our …


Language Processing

By: Erin Roon, MA CCC SLP Over the course of the last month, I have been doing some renewed thinking on language processing. With this reflection, I have come to realize that I take processing for granted so often that I wonder just how much gets missed on a day to day basis. If we …

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