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School Quandries

With the end of the school year upon us I have been talking to many families lately about school issues. School-related decisions seem to be an ever-present issue for all families, but especially for families with a child with unique learning needs. Here are some things I have found myself saying to families recently in …


The Power of Time

The power of providing processing time is truly an amazing thing. I recently watched a video of one of my clients making a snack with his mom. They made a dog out of fruit and when they finished putting it together mom made a great comment wondering what other type of animals they could make. …


Unconditional Love

Sometimes it is amazing how much we at the office think along the same lines. I knew already on Saturday night what I would blog about this week. As Michelle said in her post this week I got my priorities in order. I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours on Saturday night …


Dysregulation and Development

I’ve been thinking about dysregulation and developmental “growth spurts” lately as my 9-month old daughter has had a week-long stretch of frustrating behavior. Normally she is a very easy baby – content to hang out with us and do whatever. She generally likes to be held, likes to play with toys on the floor, sleeps …


It takes a village to raise a child

The next step for me was to work in the homes of children with autism. As an In Home Clinician I would develop schedules for the kids, work on life skill goals such as eating at the table, using the bathroom, cleaning up after finishing a task and so on, but every time I would …


Nature Deficit Disorder?

Ever heard of this? I haven’t. It’s obviously a term made up by the author of this book. There seems to be a disorder for everything these days, but it did catch my attention. As I read the excerpt on this book, I realized that this guy had a point. I have not read the …



As I was sitting at my computer this morning trying to decide what to blog about today my eye fell on my desk calendar and the word courage jumped out at me. Courage is such a powerful and meaningful word. There are so many things that we do in life that take courage. Some of …


Planning for the future

What does it mean to look toward the future? I feel it is so important for people to at least be thinking about the future and what they would like to see not only for themselves, but for their children as well. In the schools we tend to only look one year down the road. …


Apples and Tuna Fish

I recently watched from afar as a group of people on a message board argued vehemently back and forth over the merits of various autism treatments, particularly ABA and CORE Approach. There were strong sentiments on both sides and the battle became quite heated at times. Statistics were thrown around as evidence that ABA methodologies …


Self Awareness

I was going to post on appraisal today, but my thoughts were really on self awareness. This is one of the easier core deficits to understand and really the one that is the most evident in others when they are lacking this necessary trait. Self awareness is the ability to not only understand how you …

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