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Development is Amazing!

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about development the last few weeks and all of the things that happen at each stage of development. In thinking about how the objectives in the RDI system fit in with neuro-typical development and at what approximate age a child is when they hit each new …


Reaping What We Sow

A farmer walked into the local supply store to buy corn seeds for the upcoming planting season. He wanted to grow the best corn crop he possibly could and he wanted them to come up quickly. The owner of the store directed him to the variety of available options and helped the farmer determine exactly …



I felt like talking about something fun for my blog this week so when I received the new HearthSong catalog in the mail yesterday I knew it was just what I was looking for. I’m not sure how many of you get this catalog, but it is great. I think Nicole made a great point …



Over the weekend, I spent some time watching some of the children’s programs on TV. I was appalled by some of the story lines and communication that was displayed during the 30 minute shows. We all get wrapped up in a particular TV show every season, but the content seems to be getting less and …


Unreasonable Expectations

Often times it’s hard to distinguish what we can expect from our children and as a result get upset with them over something in which we shouldn’t have or could have prevented if we thought ahead. Are we expecting too much when we require them to sit at the dinning room table when they are …


IEP Information

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a well-rested weekend! Today I held my first of many IEP’s for the 2007-2008 school year. When preparing for IEP’s, whether you have them in the spring or fall, I like to think about many of my own “mission previews” that I have for the students in …


The Importance of Discovery

It’s so easy to go through life making sure that life is “easy” for kids. A natural response as a parent is to do things for our kids and over compensate to ensure success for our kids. Isn’t it during the times that we’ve made mistakes or failed at something that we’ve learned the most? …


The Building Blocks of Language

One of the books that is required reading for CORE Approach consultants is “Constructing a Language” by Michael Tomasello. It’s a bit complicated to read, but filled with important research and theory in the area of language development. Tomasello spends a good portion of the book discussing the need to look outside of the domain …


Isn’t development amazing?

Over the past few months Michelle, Nicole and I have been working very hard to re-watch the over 200 clips we have in our current video library as well as all of the new clips that our families continue to bring to us each month. Why are we watching all of the old clips again …


Non-verbal Communication is where it’s at!

I have been working on non-verbal communication with many of my families recently. This can be tough for some people. It is hard not to talk, but wow how powerful this can be. I recently reviewed a tape from a mom who has struggled with using non-verbal communication with her child. In this last tape …

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