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A Journey Through Infant Development: The Eighth Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide, BSW Guided Participation is a concept that is not new, it’s the way we have always learned: parents supporting an infant as she learns to walk, a chemistry teacher demonstrating how to carefully mix chemicals, a college student observing through an internship, and a teenager in driver’s education learning the rules and …


A Journey Through Infant Development: The Seventh Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide, BSW It’s been another wonderful month with my son. Each month I see him increasing his desire for independence. There is already an instinctive attitude of “I can do it!” With this attitude comes frustration, perseverance, and ultimately a sense of growing competence. Allowing him to go through the times of frustration …


A Journey Through Infant Development: The Sixth Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide, BSW Development is a complex process, and truly amazing when you break it down. Each little gain that a child makes is a miracle, especially when you begin to look at the complexity of the brain. The ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC) is the part of the brain used to read and understand …


A Journey Through Infant Development: The Fifth Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide This has been an amazing journey, and I thank all who have joined me in it! The feedback has been great, and I’m so glad to have you share this amazing adventure. This past month has proven to be a time of even more milestones in my infant son’s development. How is …


A Journey Through Infant Development: The Fourth Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide, BSW It’s already been four months since our little man joined our family, and I can’t remember life without him. He has been such a joy to have in our family. When I was pregnant and thought about what it would be like, I couldn’t imagine a baby being added to our …


A Journey through Infant Development: The Third Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide I continue to be amazed by the huge strides that my little baby boy is making. Child development happens so quickly! When I see an infant who is younger than my little guy, I realize just how much he has grown in such a short time. He’s stronger, has better vision, and …


A Journey Through Infant Development: The First 12 Weeks

By: Michelle VanderHeide, BSW I am currently enjoying the amazing experience of having newborn development right under my nose. My son is now 12 weeks old, and I see such amazing differences in him on a daily basis. It’s incredible how much children grow and develop in only a few weeks time. No wonder babies …


The Limits of Labels: Evaluation Results That Really Matter

By: Nicole Beurkens, M.Ed. When a child is not developing as expected, the first thing most parents and professionals attempt to do is figure out a name for what is going on. The assessment or evaluation process is often viewed as the path to determine an appropriate diagnosis or label for individuals. Disability labels become …


Core Deficits

Each time I review the core deficits of autism with a new family I feel like I get a deeper understanding of them myself. I recently reviewed them with a family and as I was doing that I started thinking of new and different ways to explain them. I’m not sure if every consultant has …


Importance of Vision

As I read the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan’s newsletter I was struck by something I read by the American Optometric Association regarding vision. Here is a stat from that article that really hit me. Approximately 80% of children’s learning during a child’s first 12 years of life comes through vision Wow, think about …

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