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Ask the Horizons Team: Ideas for engaging birthday gifts

Question: My son’s 12th birthday coming up in a few weeks and I’m stumped about what to get him. I don’t want to get him anything related to video games/”screen time” since we have really worked on limiting his exposure to that. I’m looking for some ideas of engaging activities that he could enjoy on …


Happy Birthday to You! How to Celebrate Your Child’s Special Day Appropriately

Over the past few months, a few of my clients have asked “how should we celebrate our child’s birthday, taking into consideration his or her special needs.”  This is an important question on many levels, since we all want to celebrate special occasions with family; however, this can sometimes be too much for many of …



I have the great pleasure of being able to post on my birthday this year. Not only is it my birthday, but it is the day of our Open House to show off our large expansion. What a great way to spend my day. I turned the page in my day-to-day calendar this morning to …