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Snow Days Part 2—Remediation Ideas for Families

Winter continues to hit hard here in Michigan. The temperatures have been hitting record lows and the snow continues to accumulate several inches at a time. Many of the families in our area have been continuing to deal with snow days and school cancellations. Here are a few more ideas to use when you find …


Beating the Winter Blahs–Remediation Ideas for Families

It’s that time of year again! Winter has been here in Michigan for several months now and we are all beginning to feel the winter blahs. The weather has been gloomy and we have been cooped-up inside for awhile now. I wanted to share some ideas with you today about how to beat that winter …


Snow Days

Winter has sure hit home here in Michigan! We have been watching the amounts of snow increase each day along with the school and event closings. Here are a few snow day ideas for you to use when you find yourself at home with your kids. ~Build a snow fort ~Build a snowman ~Shovel snow …


Holiday Episodic Memories

We started getting into the holiday spirit at our house this weekend by decorating and putting up our Christmas tree. My kids love going through the totes of decorations and reminding themselves about all the stuff they haven’t seen for the past year. Decorating the tree is a great time because each of the kids …


Autism Remediation-Friendly Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year when we’re thinking about gifts..what to give and what we want to get. In the spirit of a remediation friendly holiday, here aremy Top 5 sites for giving and getting great gifts: 1) FatBrainToys – This site is filled with awesome toys, games, projects, and books that actually require brain …


Too Much T.V.

  There are days when I wake up and feel like I’ve got way too much to get done. The dishwasher needs to be unloaded and reloaded, I haven’t had my coffee and it’ll be noon before I can pop my head above the pile of laundry that has accrued over the past two weeks. …


Turn It Off

The television that is. I found this quote on line today and thought it fit with what I wanted to say this week. Television has changed a child from an irresistible force to an immovable object. ~Author Unknown This topic has come to the forefront for me over the past few weeks. I have heard …


Electronics-Free Zone

We made a decision as a staff a couple of weeks ago to declare our clinic waiting areas electronics-free zones for kids. As the summer progressed we began noticing many more clients, siblings, and friends, coming into our office with handheld games, laptops, gameboys, etc. Instead of exploring and interacting with things that required using …


The Days Are Long, But The Years Fly By

I read that some where recently and thought how true this can be. Staying home with children can make the days really long and yet how often do we hear ourselves saying – “how is she having another birthday?” I had a friend of mine who is a teacher say something similar in regards to …



I have often found that setting priorities in life can be very difficult. I know where my priorities lie and in which order they should be listed, but it seems that it’s much too easy to get those priorities mixed up, reversed and suddenly I wonder why my relationships are suffering. One of the early …

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