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Beating the Summer Blues, Part 1: Simple Variations to Summer Routines

School has been dismissed now for a couple of weeks, and families may start becoming restless with the lackadaisical days of summer. For many families, this is the time of year to unwind from the business of the school year and enjoy each other’s company. But for other families this time of the year can …


Ask the Horizons Team: With the holidays coming I need gift ideas for my 6-year-old son with autism.

Question: I’m sure you get asked this question all the time, so I hope you have some good ideas for me. With the holidays coming I need gift ideas for my 6-year-old son with autism and my 9-year-old niece with Asperger’s. I’d like to get them gifts that they will enjoy but will also help …


Strategies for Playing Games with Children Who Have Autism, ADHD, and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

One of the thing adults often struggle with when trying to engage a child with autism, ADHD, or other neurodevelopmental issues in playing a game is helping the child stay oriented to them and not just the activity itself.  When an adult gets out a game the child may immediately become focused on looking at …


Ask the Horizons Team: Games to help stay focused on activities

Question: I am looking for some new games to play with my boys, ages 9 and 10. Both are very intelligent but struggle with staying focused on activities not of their choosing. They also have some visual processing challenges we are trying to improve. Any ideas would be appreciated! -Rachel in Michigan


Ask the Horizons Team: Spending Quality Time with the Family

Question: My husband and I both work and have three children at home, two of whom have various developmental issues. One of the biggest challenges we have is making time for quality activities with the kids when we are home with them. Do you have any suggestions for us? -Julie in Sacremento, CA


Let’s Pretend!

Watching pretend play begin to develop can be so much fun!  Typically, when a child first begins to pretend it is by watching a parent or another child, and then imitating what they have done.  This may be something as simple as taking a block and scooting it across the floor while making “vroom” sounds.  …


Ask the Horizons Team: Struggling with Ideas of Things to do

Question: I enjoy reading your newsletter each week and always find a lot of great support and strategies! One thing I struggle with is coming up with ideas of things to do with my two children. I have a 7 year-old son who is blind and has a cognitive impairment. I also have a 4 …


Ask the Horizons Team: Writing & Typing Computer Programs

Question: I’m looking for a computer program to help my son learn typing and writing skills. He’s 7 years old and is interested in using the computer, but struggles with typing and getting his thoughts down in writing. Do you have any programs you recommend? -Donna in Michigan


The Holidays are Here: How to Thrive During this Busy Time of Year!

The snow is falling here in Michigan, and the winter season has begun to set in.  Neighborhoods are buzzing with children sledding down snow covered hills, and families are busily decorating their homes.  It really is “beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!” Before we know it, school winter breaks will be here and our …


Help for the Holiday Hmm’s

If your life is anything like mine near the holidays, it’ll probably sound a little like this: “Mom, can I get that for Christmas?” “I’ll put it on your wish list honey.” As the next commercial comes on, “Mom can I get that for Christmas?” “That does look like fun. I’ll put it on your …

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