Feeding Problems

Finally a program to stop begging, bribing, and fighting about food once and for all!

Feeding ProgramOn this page you’ll learn about how Horizons can help you overcome feeding problems and achieve happier mealtimes for the whole family.

Is every mealtime a struggle?

You have to buy the same brands of the same items over and over because it’s all your child will eat. You can’t go to restaurants because there is nothing on the menu your child will eat. If you do go to a restaurant you bring baggies of special food for your child.

You worry about how your child’s limited diet is affecting his health. You’ve talked to your friends, your parents, your pediatrician, and everyone says your child is “just a picky eater.” Well-meaning people have given you advice ranging from force-feeding, to letting him get hungry so he’ll eat, to waiting for him to grow out of it.

You’ve tried countless tactics, including exhausting everything your parents used on you when you were little, and nothing has worked. Your child is beyond a picky eater – your child’s issues with food are dominating his and your life!

Many families struggle with feeding issues every day.

If this story, or part of it, sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many families just like yours are struggling with feeding issues on a daily basis.

These issues are especially prevalent in children who were born prematurely and/or have neurological or developmental impairments. There is a significant difference between “picky eaters” and “problem feeders,” and most people don’t understand what it is or what to do about it.

Now the good news… there IS a solution!

Horizons’ Approach to Treating Feeding Problems

The SOS (Sensory-Oral-Sequential) Approach, developed by Dr. Kay Toomey, is a revolutionary program that treats the three primary causes of feeding difficulties once and for all:

  • Parents and other caregivers learn to structure mealtimes in positive and successful ways.
  • Children learn the necessary developmentally-sequenced skills for eating, and are introduced to food in non-threatening ways that promote competence instead of fear.
  • Families stop fighting about food and start enjoying food together in playful ways.
  • Children gain the sensory-processing and oral-motor skills they need to make eating easy and enjoyable.
  • Parents can relax and rest-assured that their child is on the path to better feeding attitudes and skills.
  • The quality of life for families improve and their lives are no longer dominated by feeding issues.

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