Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems

Help! My Child’s Behaviors are Hard to Live With!

Behavior problemsOn this page you’ll learn about how Horizons can help you get to the bottom of behavior problems.

Managing behavior problems is NOT easy:

You feel the stares of fellow shoppers in the grocery store when your child has yet another meltdown in the checkout line.

You endure the comments of well-meaning family members at holiday get-togethers when your child would rather hide in the corner than engage with the crowd of relatives.

You cross your fingers and hope that your child will make it through the day at school without a tantrum that requires a call home. You know your child has some difficult behaviors and you are doing your best to manage them, but you need help!

What if punishments, rewards and other tactics aren’t working:

If you’re like many parents of children who exhibit problem behaviors, you’ve tried everything you know to do and it just isn’t working. You’ve tried punishments, rewards, yelling, being patient, time-outs, and anything else you’ve heard or read about.

Sometimes things seem to be working for a little while, only for the behaviors to come flooding back. You may have tried medication or you may be resistant to the idea of medicating your child.

One thing is clear – as much as you love your child, the behavior is creating a level of stress that is unhealthy for everyone involved.

How the CORE Approach at Horizons addresses treatment for behavior problems:

Many parents of children with developmental or neurological disorders feel this way at various times in their child’s life. Getting to the bottom of behavior problems requires:

  • An in-depth look at the child’s unique strengths and obstacles, including all areas that may be causing the behaviors
  • Investigation of the strengths and obstacles of the family system
  • Understanding of current developmental and brain research
  • A commitment to investigating and treating the causes of the problematic behaviors instead of a quick-fix or band-aid solution


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