Parent Success Cards

$24.95 (Set of 50 heavyweight full-color cards in a sturdy box with lid.)

Discover a Daily Dose of Inspiration and Encouragement to Stay Focused on What’s Truly Important.
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A New Source of Inspiration and Encouragement for Parents

For any parent, raising children is both exhilarating and exhausting. But when a child has developmental issues, life can feel like a marathon of daily challenges. Frustration and overwhelm can override the best of intentions, and diminish the joy for the precious gift you’ve been given.

However, a gentle reminder, a few words of encouragement, or a few moments reflection can replenish your spirit and renew your resolve to be a trustworthy guide for the journey ahead.

“We draw and discuss Parent Success Cards on a regular basis now. The cards have been such a blessing in our lives. They cause us to think more completely about not only CORE Approach, but our relationships, goals, purpose, general health and spiritual well being. They lead us into conversations that we might not have otherwise, and cause us to explore one another and ourselves in a different light. When I bought the cards, I had no idea the impact they would have on me… ”

Thalia Seggelink
We recommend reading Thalia’s complete story here.

“The Parent Success Cards have been extremely helpful in our journey towards living an RDI lifestyle. We post a new card on the refrigerator every week or so. It really helps to keep us focused and motivated. I have committed to randomly drawing a card and posting that one, even if it doesn’t seem relevant at the moment. Some of the most powerful messages for us have been the ones that haven’t had an immediate impact. Taking just a few seconds each day to read the card has really had a positive impact on how we interact with our child all day. Thank you for developing this wonderful resource!”

Jennifer Hayden, parent

“I love these cards! What’s really special about this tool is that it is both inspirational and pragmatic – one side assisting you with perspective while the other side gives you definition. These beautiful cards help keep me focused that I am doing the very best I can for my child and my family.”

Darcy Walsh, parent

While our calendars and journals were created to be used with your child—the Parent Success Cards were designed just for you. The beautiful, artist-designed cards contain simple messages that will:

  • Empower you to create an environment of success
  • Encourage you to focus on the potential
  • Motivate you to seek opportunities for growth
  • Prompt you to care for yourself
  • Comfort you when things don’t go as planned
  • Inspire you to engage with your child in supportive ways
  • Reignite your purpose and passion for parenthood

If you’re an CORE Approach Program parent, the cards also offer invaluable guidance in incorporating the main principles— such as experience sharing, guiding, slowing down, staying focused on the goal, and finding even small opportunities for growth—into your daily life.

Prescription: Take One Card, As Needed
Reach for a card to set positive intentions for the day ahead or choose one to journal about before bed. And when you’re frustrated and don’t know where to turn, simply close your eyes and draw a card—the message may be exactly you need to hear at that moment.

The set includes 50 heavyweight, colorful 4” x 6” cards with a low-gloss sheen (easy to wipe clean!) in a sturdy box with lid.

Add to CartSo give yourself the gift of encouragement and inspiration by reserving your Parent Success Cards for just $24.95 today!


“Parent Success Cards are a boxed set of 50 double-sided high quality cards that contain 100 affirmations and reflections for parents. At $24.95, the cost is similar to that of a book about autism, parenting, or one you might find in the self-help section of the bookstore. The cards are the size of an oversized playing card, and can be displayed (one at a time) in a refrigerator magnet picture frame. When my cards arrived, I immediately sat down with them and read every one and found that several spoke to me in a big way. The reflections are beautifully written and the cards just as beautifully presented and are designed to prompt thinking and growth. The thoughts on them provide a nice balance between the ‘big picture’ and ‘what can I do right now?’. Since my cards arrived I have held several of the reflections in my mind, reflecting on where my attitude and actions need adjustment, and prompting ideas for new journal entries. I plan to post one card a week on the refrigerator door for encouragement and reflection, or an occasional kick in the pants. If you’re looking for encouragement, reflections, affirmations, and an opportunity for growth in your journey on the remediation pathway, I recommend the Parent Success Cards!”

Penny Ray, parent

“Thank you for creating these lovely cards–which for me serve as gentle reminders throughout the day to maintain my focus on what is truly important…to see the forest through the trees…to slow down and savor the moment with my child…as we work toward remediation, to strive for what is truly best instead of going for a quick fix. The card I choose to display each week occupies an honored position on my fridge!”

Sue Ann Forbat, parent

“My husband and I really enjoy the Parent Success Cards. They encourage us daily, reminding us of our priorities in our remediation journey with our son. They fit into our lives easily…we simply “flip a card” every morning and read it together. We reflect on the card throughout the day. This helps to re-energize and re-focus us as- as a couple, as parents of a child on the spectrum, and as a family.”

Pam Haffenden, parent

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