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Now you can help a friend or family member reduce the out-of-pocket costs involved in treating developmental issues. Gift Cards are available in denomination of $25 or more AND they never expire.
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Product Details:

Finally – an easy way to give the ultimate gift to family and friends.

We all want to give gifts that are meaningful and will be appreciated. You may be wondering what you can give to people on your list whose lives are touched by autism or other developmental disabilities. It can be hard to figure out what kinds of gifts would be most useful and appreciated by these children and their parents.

Horizons Gift Cards are a great way to show your friends and family members how much you care about and want to support them! Instead of giving the gift of a toy or clothing, which children outgrow so quickly, give a gift that will last for a lifetime.

“I’ve been asking Nicole to offer Horizons gift cards since last Christmas. I know my parents want to give us things for the holidays, but we just don’t need any more toys, or games, or things that will sit around and never get used. Horizons gift cards will allow our family members to give us a gift that is meaningful and that will be used all year long!”

– Carrie Tatreau, Horizons Parent

Why Horizons Gift Cards?

  • Ensure you give a gift that will be appreciated and useful for years to come.
  • Gift cards are available in denominations of $25 and higher, and can be used toward any service or product at Horizons.
  • Show your support for the work these families are doing with their children, and help reduce their expenses for the treatment they need.
  • Gift cards never expire.
  • They are easy to wrap!
  • Gift cards are easy to purchase, do not require a trip to the mall, and are excellent options for last-minute shoppers!

Ordering Information:

  • We ship orders within 7 days of receiving payment and/or product inventory.
  • Your email privacy is assured – we *do* not share your email with anyone!
  • For international orders or to order quantities of 5 or more, contact our office.
  • Questions? Contact our office or call 1-616-698-0306. We’re here to help.

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