Mary Letvenow, DVM

Instructional Assistant

Mary-LetvenowHi, I’m Mary and I wear two hats at Horizons. Sometimes I am here as an employee and sometimes as a client and mother of a son with autism. I am actually a veterinarian by training, but stopped practicing when my children needed me more; a choice I’m sure some of you have made. I had the fantastic luck to move to Caledonia ten years ago. We got to know Nicole and Erin first through the schools and then be a part of the growth of Horizons from the beginning. My son has made incredible progress through their program and I can’t imagine our lives without it! Currently I split my time between helping other children at Horizons, aiding at a therapeutic horseback riding program, and taking care of the menagerie I have at home. I live here in Caledonia with my daughter, son, three dogs, and three cats. When you come to the office be sure to find me and say hello!