Heather LaHuis

Heather LaHuis

Business Manager

Hi!  My name is Heather LaHuis.  I am the Business Manager here at Horizons.  Although most of my professional experience has been working in commercial construction accounting and management for many years, I find my work here to be much more rewarding. Coming to Horizons is not a job.  It’s a daily opportunity to make a difference and be witness to great accomplishments.

When I am not working, I spend my time with my two children who are involved in sports throughout most of the year.  I also volunteer at fundraising events to support their athletics, which has provided me the opportunity to get to know other great parents and supporters in our community. I also enjoy reading, decorating, gardening, cooking and running. When I joined the Horizons team, I had severe allergies and sinus issues.  The staff here along with the families shared their stories with me about casein and gluten and its effects on the body.  I have since learned to live casein-free and gluten-free.  It has made a tremendous difference in the way I feel.

Anyone can build a building, but it takes special people to build homes and change lives.   I watch lives be changed for the better every single day by the clinicians of Horizons. I encourage you to visit the rest of our site and contact me with any questions.   We would love to have you join our Horizons family.

See you soon,