Bill Beurkens

Practice Manager

Being married to Dr. Nicole for almost her entire professional career has enabled me to watch her take a dream of helping families of children and families, and make it a reality in this clinic. When we met I was working as an electrician. After 13 years working in the electrical trade we decided that I would leave my position to stay at home with our 4 kids. Now that our children are older, I have moved into the role of practice manager at the clinic and enjoy seeing everyone here on a daily basis. I also get to share some of my favorite activities with the teens and young adults here at Horizons. I have always enjoyed working with tools and materials and love sharing that with some of the small groups. We have had a blast constructing the outdoor adventure course, automobile related projects, erecting a privacy fence, and other various hands on projects. Even when the kids might be having a tough day, it’s great to see them get so excited when we discuss what project we will be working on next. Horizons is a unique and awesome place, and I’m so glad I get to play a part in it!


Hope to see you soon,