Speech Therapy Program

Speech TherapyYou and your child will receive a customized program designed to treat the core issues impacting speech and language. Our experienced speech pathologist will complete an assessment of your child to determine treatment goals and priorities, and treatment sessions will be scheduled as appropriate.

Parent involvement in clinic sessions helps ensure that treatment activities take place at home, which leads to more rapid gains.

In many cases families attend fewer in-clinic appointments than traditional speech therapy because parents are able to work on treatment goals consistently at home. Many methodologies are available through the speech therapy program at Horizons, including Talk Tools Oral Motor therapy and PECS.

“Our speech therapist, Erin, is one of the most creative, kind, and dedicated people we know. Her relationship with our son is a joy to watch; she is hands-down one of his favorite people. Our son has gone from a boy with echolalic and scripted speech to an increasingly articulate and funny young man. We have come a long way with Erin’s help and are grateful she is part of our lives.”

– Mary and Kevin Foley (Caledonia, MI)