School Programming

School and Vocational Programming

Individualized Instructional Programs for Autism, ADHD, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Many parents express concerns about educational and vocational training options available to their children with impairments. It seems there are few ideal educational settings, and even fewer that take a developmental approach to working on the core deficits of student difficulties.

Our instructional program, available for children ages 3 and older, is individualized to meet the unique and specific needs of each student. Parents and the instructional team work together to determine priority goal areas, which often include communication, problem solving / flexible thinking, socialization, sensory-motor development, academics, self-care, and vocational skills.

A certified Special Education teacher and our team of clinicians oversee the program. This program runs from September through June and is limited to a small number of students each year.

“Our child is making gains that we weren’t always sure we could wish for. We feel very fortunate that she is receiving the services of the staff at Horizons. She had worked with many therapists, teachers, etc. before we met Dr. Nicole Beurkens, and no one was able to take her very far. Now, our child is happier and more independent than ever before.”

– Individual Instruction Family (Grand Rapids, MI)

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