Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Family-Focused Developmental Treatment for Communication, Social, Sensory, Learning, and Behavior Challenges

Family-Focused Developmental Treatment for Communication, Social, Learning, and Behavioral ChallengesAre you ready to dramatically change your child’s and family’s lives for the better, but aren’t sure exactly how to get started?

First, you need to know how to choose the right treatment plan.

Making a decision about treatment for your child and family doesn’t need to be overwhelming. We want to keep the process as simple as possible so you can begin focusing your time and energy on actually doing something about the problems – NOT trying to figure out where you need to go and what you need to do!

There are many considerations families must make when selecting treatment, including:


You may be wondering how we can work with so many families who do not live within easy driving distance of our office. The answer is in the consultative nature of the programs we offer. We have developed systems that allow us to competently provide our family-based services to clients who live around the corner or around the world.

Through the use of web-based programs, Internet and phone conferencing, video reviews, and other communication formats we are able to provide information, support, and feedback to our families wherever they are located. Depending on the program you select, travel may be required at various intervals for in-person assessment and consultation. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on these exceptional treatment opportunities because of distance!

Time Commitment:

The amount of hours in a day is a concern for everyone – how to accomplish all the things that have to get done while still enjoying a decent quality of life. You may be concerned about the time investment that is required for our treatment programs. Rest assured that our programs do not require extensive time periods set aside each day for treatment activities. We work with families to find natural opportunities to work on treatment goals throughout the day – many times during activities you are already doing anyway.

One of the things our clients appreciate most is the way we help them think about integrating strategies and goals into their day so they are working on correcting their child’s deficits all the time without a lot of extra work and effort.

Now, if your concern is that you are just too busy to spend time with your child then that will be a problem. If you are looking for a program that will allow you to sit in the waiting room while your child receives treatment, or something that you can send the babysitter to participate in, or a service that involves someone coming to your house to do the work of treatment then you shouldn’t bother reading any farther because our programs are not for you.

Our programs are for real families, with real jobs, and real lives, who recognize the important role parents play in the lives of their children. We work with parents who want to build relationships with their children, balance the needs of everyone in the family, and correct the deficits of their child’s disability.


You have undoubtedly read about treatment programs and options that could easily put most families into extreme debt for the rest of their lives. We believe that undue levels of financial stress only serve to increase the difficulties families face. That being said, we also believe that you get what you pay for. Treatment is not free, but you can be assured that we will provide the absolute best value for your investment.

Don’t shortchange yourself by assuming that because we are premier providers of treatment services that you will not be able to afford the help we provide.  A variety of service options and payment plans are available to meet your needs and budget.

Getting Started with Horizons:

We are proud to offer families the best treatment options available in various formats that allow virtually any family committed to positively impacting their child’s development the opportunity to do so. There are three easy ways to figure out what programs would be most appropriate for meeting your child’s and family’s needs:

Read about the Symptoms and Concerns we Treat:

Read about the Needs We Treat:

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