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Teachers, speech therapists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, counselors, physicians and other health care professionals:

Congratulations on seeking out information, resources, and tools to best support your students/patients with Autism, ADHD, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders! If you are looking for exceptional quality information and support for neurodevelopmental disorders, delivered by some of the most outstanding professionals around, then you need look no further. Our team at horizons has what you are looking for.

As professionals working with individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders you see firsthand the need for quality supports for this population and their families. You try to make a difference during the time you are with them, but recognize that there are many things that need to happen outside of their time with you as well.

We use a variety of developmentally based approaches such as our unique CORE Approach, SOS (feeding disorders), Rhythmic Movement Training, LENS Treatment, sensory integration protocols, and more to improve communication, behavior, social skills, and learning. The information provided here is going to open up a new realm of possibilities for you and your students/patients.  Whether you are looking for resources and tools, or workshops and learning opportunities for yourself so you can improve the services you provide, or you are seeking out treatment options for the families on your caseload, we are here to help.


Resources and Tools


Workshops for ProfessionalsFor professionals, we provide practical, research-based, energizing learning opportunities.

Our workshops are designed to help you address the social, cognitive, communication, and behavioral challenges of these disorders, so you can make a positive difference with less stress and frustration… Read more

“The program offered at Horizons is reputable, evidence based, and far superior to the other recognized approaches used to remediate autistic children. My son has been able to reach meaningful developmental milestones as a program participant, and I now have confidence that he will become independent and thrive as an adult. I do not hesitate to refer families to the Horizons Developmental Resource Center.”

Dr. Kevin Foley, MD, FACP

“I have learned so much! I feel so much better and more prepared as a teacher.”

Sue, Adaptive PE Teacher (Birmingham, MI)

“This was one of the most practical inservices I’ve been to!”

Bonnie, Teacher Consultant (Grand Rapids, MI)

“I recently attended the 2-day autism workshop at Horizons and found it to be very useful in my classroom…As an educator, I especially enjoyed the small class sizes, interaction with other educators, and one-on-one interaction with students with autism from the Horizons instructional program.”

Kelly Petersen, Kindergarten Teacher (Caledonia, MI)

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