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Issue 171: Developing a sleep schedule that works

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Hi Everyone!

I want to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers in the US.  It’s a great time of year to express thanks for the people in our lives who bless us in big and small ways everyday.  On behalf of the entire Horizons team, I want to thank you for being loyal readers and for engaging with us throughout the year.  We greatly appreciate your comments, questions, and support!

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The feature article this week by Michelle covers the highly important topic of SLEEP!  If you are struggling to establish consistent sleep routines in your home, you’ll want to read her tips for ensuring everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Thanks for being a part of our extended Horizons family!

Looking to the horizon,

Developing a sleep schedule that works

By Michelle VanderHeide, BSW

“I just want to have a quiet evening! Why won’t you just go to sleep?!?” Do you ever have those nights? Maybe this is your night every night! Whatever the situation, it makes life much more stressful when you are tired and can’t get your child or children to fall asleep and sleep well! Rest assured, you can have more relaxed evenings and get your household the way it was intended to be – kids in their own beds, at a reasonable time, for the duration of night.

In my several years of working with families, many different situations have arisen. Keep this simple acronym in your head to ensure a good night’s S.L.E.E.P.

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My son is requiring a lot of deep pressure input recently.  Do you have any suggestions for how I can provide this now that winter is approaching and we can’t go swimming as much?

-Jenny in Ohio


Hi Jenny,

Finding ways to provide the sensory input your child needs in the wintertime can be very challenging, but here are few ideas that you might find helpful:

  • Mini trampoline
  • Carrying heavy items such as laundry detergent or milk jugs
  • Rearranging furniture
  • Body Sock – this is a large “sock” that your child can climb inside and provides great all over input for the body
  • “Squishing”
    under pillows or bean bags
  • Rolling your child up in a blanket or rug like a burrito
  • Lycra swing or bed sheet (similar to a body sock in the type of pressure it provides, but the swing can also provide vestibular input)
  • Build a nest or cocoon for your child with blankets, beanbags, stuffed animals in a small space

Good Luck!

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