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Issue 228: Homework Headaches: How to Reduce Stress and Frustration between Parents and Children

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Hi Everyone!

Well I’m not sure where September went, but here we are in October already! It’s been an incredibly busy start to the school year as we have been settling into our new clinic spaces, supporting patient families transitioning from summer to school, and getting our own children back to school.  We are very excited to provide some creative school options for kids this school year, and it’s great to watch them grow daily. My husband and I are finding that things continue to get busier the older our kids get! With kids in 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th grades (and attending 3 different schools) we are stretching our planning and organizing skills for sure. I hope the start of the school year has been a good one for all of you, too!

Speaking of school, are some of you facing challenges with homework? The featured article this week by Courtney provides some key strategies for homework time. Over the coming weeks we will be writing more about homework, as it is our belief that the entire construct of homework needs to be re-evaluated. However, for many of you it is a daily reality, so Courtney helps out with some strategies in this edition.

Make it a great week!

Looking to the horizon,

Homework Headaches: How to Reduce Stress and Frustration between Parents and Children

By Courtney Kowalczyk, M.Ed.

For many families, the hustle and bustle of the after-school time can be stressful for both parents and children. Kids come home, want a snack, and need to get the wiggles and giggles out while we as parents are trying to accomplish those last minute things that need to be done for the day. Homework is just another stressor that all too often gets thrown into the mix and can cause anxiety and frustration for everyone involved. Homework can be useful for many purposes; however, spending great lengths of time working on homework and increasing feelings of frustration are negatives that far outweigh the benefits.

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