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Issue 187: Fun Family Activities for Any Occasion

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Hi Everyone!

We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny stretch of weather here, and it is a very welcome way to end the last week of the school year.  Hard to believe the school year is already done and that my youngest is headed for first grade!  My husband and I are looking forward to the slower pace of summer as the kids are out of school and all the extra-curricular activities wind down.

At the clinic our individualized instruction program is shifting gears from school year programming to summer programming.  There are still a few spaces left in the afternoons if you are interested in having your child attend an individualized or small group experience this summer.  Just contact Margie in our office to get your child on the schedule – Margie@horizonsdrc.com.

This week’s feature article from Courtney is all about family fun activities.  Summer is a great time to think about new activities and experiences with your children.  Try some of the ideas and post a comment about the experience!

Enjoy your week!

Looking to the horizon,

Fun Family Activities for Any Occasion

By Courtney Kowalczyk, M.Ed.

With the constant change in weather patterns here in Michigan and the world abroad, I have begun to appreciate a variety of activities that I can do with my family whether we are stuck indoors due to rain or snow, extreme hot or cold.  Although it is hard to find an activity that they whole family can enjoy together, it is not impossible.  Here are a variety of ideas that you can use when you are stuck indoors with your family, and unsure of what to do.

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Hi Nicole,

It was great to meet you at the seminar you held recently in Indiana.  I have a question about vitmains and supplements that I hope you can help with.  My kids have tons of food sensitivities and full-blown allergies, and I’m trying to find some supplements that they can take that do not have lots of additives or ingredients that trigger problems for them.  So far most of what I can find out there on the store shelves have one or more ingredients that cause problems for them.  Do you have a recommendation of a brand or store that carries supplements for people with lots of allergies?

Kerry in Chicago, Il


Hi Kerry,

Thanks for emailing; it was great to meet you as well!  It can be a challenge to find supplements that do not have lots of additives in them, and I’m glad this is something you are being careful about.  Luckily for you and other families with this issue, there are some excellent options.  One great option is Kirkman Labs (http://www.kirkmanlabs.com/).  They have a very rigorous purity testing process to ensure that their products are free of allergens, toxins, and any other substance that can cause problems.  I have recommended their products to many families, as they are free of wheat, dairy, yeast, soy, sugar, and many other things that can cause problems for people.  Depending on the specific supplements you need, you can check out Master Supplements (http://www.master-supplements.com) or Houston Enzymes (http://www.houston-enzymes.com/) as their products are also allergen free. I hope that gets you started with finding some supplement options that will work for your kids!

Take Care,

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Looking for an opportunity designed for SIBLINGS of children with autism or other developmental disorders?

Siblings of children with autism or other disabilities have their own unique needs and experiences, and we use the renowned Sibshop model designed to provide them with support, education, and fun.

July 14th – 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Cost is $20 per child – Sibshop is held at Horizons in our sensory room. We will do a combination of movement and discussion activities, arts and crafts, and games. Participants need to bring a lunch. Snack will be provided.

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