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Issue 114: What Should I Do When My Child with Autism is Anxious?

On the Horizon is an award winning weekly ezine for parents of children with developmental disabilities who want simple, effective strategies to reduce stress, support their child’s development, and improve quality of life for the whole family.

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Great Information

A Note from Nicole: Magic Convention and Needed Help with Anxiety

Idea of the Week:  Jell-O Desert

Feature Article: What Should I Do When My Child with Autism is Anxious?

The Horizons Team Recommends: Extreme Makeover: Autism Education Workshop and Parent Success Cards

NEW! Allergen-Free
Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Fudge No Bake Cookie

NEW! Allergen-Free Product of the Month: Ian’s Chicken Nuggets

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A Note From Nicole
Nicole Beurkens

Hi Everyone,

It’s a busy week of travel
and speaking for me as I’m heading to Los Angeles, then Chicago, and back home
again.  I’m excited to meet lots of new people at the events where I am speaking, and share great information and strategies to support parents and children.  If any of you are attending the MAGIC convention in Chicago later this week, please find me and say hello.  I love meeting our newsletter readers in person!

This week the feature article addresses an issue many families face – anxiety. When children are anxious it can be challenging to know how to respond and best support them. Courtney shares some excellent tips for recognizing and managing anxiety in children on the spectrum.

The recipe this week is a tasty one! If your child is on a gluten free diet definitely make the cookies and see what you think. The kids at camp made them last week and they are yummy!

Enjoy your week!

to the horizon,

Idea of the Week

Jell-o Dessert

Jell-O DesertThis is a great summer dessert! Select a favorite Jell-o flavor to make. Once the hot water is added, add a can of mixed fruit or fresh fruit. Stir thoroughly and put in the refrigerator to cool and set. Once the Jell-o is ready, serve it with a thin layer of whipped cream on top. See what kinds of different flavor, color, and texture combinations you can come up with by using different Jell-o packets, fruits, and toppings!

Feature Article

What Should I Do When My
Child with Autism is Anxious?

By: Courtney Kowalczyk, M.Ed.

Anxiety can be debilitating for many individuals, especially those affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions. Last month, I shared specific symptoms and changes in behavior to consider when determining whether or not your child or student is anxious. Now that you know what to look for in relation to anxiety symptoms, the next step is to understand ways in which you can help your child or student work through and reduce that anxiety.

Individuals cope with anxiety in many different ways; and as parents and teachers, it is important for us to guide our children without exacerbating the level of anxiety the child is experiencing. The most important person in helping someone work through anxiety is you. You, as the guide, can make the difference in increasing or decreasing anxiety for your child or student just by the way that you interact with them. Here are several suggestions and ideas for you to keep in mind when your child or student becomes anxious.

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The Horizons Team Recommends
Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover: Autism Education Edition Workshop

4-6 • 2010 Grand Rapids, MI

Put together the soaring increase in children diagnosed with autism and related impairments, a group of dedicated educators seeking solutions to the challenges they face daily, a team of been-in-the-trenches experts, three days of amazing content and hands-on experience, and what do you get?

An amazing 3-day workshop that will transform how you understand and educate students with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Click here for workshop details!

Parent Success Cards

Parent Success Cards

For CORE Approach Program families, these cards provide reminders of the main
principles of CORE Approach such as the importance of experience sharing, guiding, slowing down, staying focused on the marathon, finding small moments for remediation, and much more. You will find them an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance as you focus on remediation.

Set of 50 heavyweight full-color cards in a sturdy box with lid – $24.95

Purchase the set or view more samples here

NEW! Allergen-Free Recipe of the Week

Chocolate Fudge No Bake Cookie

Whether you have just started a special diet with your child or you have been following one for years, it can be difficult to come up with what to serve. We decided to try to make that just a bit easier by providing you with a new allergen free recipe each week. While it is impossible to meet every person’s unique food sensitivity needs, we hope you will find these recipes helpful and delicious. Please feel free to adapt the recipes to meet your needs and taste buds; we do it all the time. In addition to the weekly recipes, we will be highlighting a specific allergen free product of the month. Enjoy!

Chocolate Fudge No Bake Cookie

Makes 12

Be sure to use safe oats when you make these cookies! They are very rich and filling. The book suggests to use thinner-cut oatmeal when available.

Get the recipe ...

NEW! Allergy-Free Product of the Month
Allergen Free Products

Ian’s Chicken Nuggets
(Wheat Free/Gluten Free)

Look for this product next time your shopping for quick dinners for the kids.

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On the Horizon
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disabilities who want simple, effective strategies to reduce stress,
support their child¹s development, and improve quality of life
for the whole family.

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