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Issue 146: Dysregulation and Development

On the Horizon is an award winning weekly ezine for parents of children with developmental disabilities who want simple, effective strategies to reduce stress, support their child’s development, and improve quality of life for the whole family.

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A Note from Nicole: Out of Town Family

Idea of the Week:  Fly a Kite

Feature Article: Dysregulation and Development

The Horizons Team Recommends: Audio Download

Allergen-Free Recipe of the Week: Coconut Shrimp

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A Note From Nicole
Nicole Beurkens 

Hi Everyone,

Our family had a great weekend celebrating Easter together.  I got to meet my new little nephew for the first time, as my sister and her family traveled to Michigan for a visit.  It was fun for the kids to spend time with their cousins, and for all of us to enjoy holiday traditions.  Now I get to enjoy this work week with an out-of-town family who comes to see me twice a year.  Can’t wait to catch up with them!

The feature article this week is one I wrote a few years back when my daughter was a baby. It’s a good message to revisit every once in a while, especially if you have a child who is going through a developmental “growth spurt”. Sometimes we all take a step back in order to move forward!

If you haven’t yet checked out our assortment of one-hour audio presentations on our website, definitely check them out now. I’m sure there is at least one topic relevant to something happening with your child right now.

Have a fantastic week!

Looking to the horizon,


Idea of the Week

Fly a Kite!




Find an open area where flying a kite would be a good idea and it won’t get caught in any trees. Make sure it is a windy day and have someone help you get the kite going in the air.

Feature Article

One Step ForwardOne Step Back, Three Steps Forward: Dysregulation and Development

By: Nicole Beurkens, PhD

I’ve been thinking about dysregulation and developmental “growth spurts” lately, as my 9-month old daughter has had a weeklong stretch of frustrating behavior. Normally she is a very easy baby; content to hang out with us and do whatever. She generally likes to be held, likes to play with toys on the floor, sleeps through the night, etc. Two weeks ago she learned to crawl —that funny army crawl where babies kind of use their elbow and knee to propel themselves forward as they move across the floor (OT’s in the audience-yes I know the importance of doing a cross-crawl but for now she is doing it this way!). She wants to get everywhere and she is FAST! There is now a lot of time spent telling her “no you can’t go there,” and picking her up to move her back to a space where she can be. She has also started to wake up quite a bit in the night; crying out and banging on her crib rails. I’ll go into her room to see her trying to pull herself up in the bed. Then she gets mad when she falls down onto the mattress. During the day she seems to be is frustrated and upset about everything! She doesn’t want to be on the floor unless she is allowed to crawl wherever she wants to. She doesn’t want to be in her jumper or her exersaucer; but she doesn’t really want to be held either. Basically she just wants to be on the go and exploring her newfound mobility, and if she can’t then she is MAD!

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The Horizons Team Recommends

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Allergen-Free Recipe of the Week

Coconut Shrimp

(Recipe from “Cooking Free” by Carol Fenster, PhD page 145)

Whether you have just started a special diet with your child or you have been following one for years, it can be difficult to come up with what to serve. We decided to try to make that just a bit easier by providing you with a new allergen free recipe each week. While it is impossible to meet every person’s unique food sensitivity needs, we hope you will find these recipes helpful and delicious. Please feel free to adapt the recipes to meet your needs and taste buds; we do it all the time. In addition to the weekly recipes, we will be highlighting a specific allergen free product of the month. Enjoy!

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut Shrimp

If eggs are inappropriate for your diet, dip the shrimp in the flour mixture only.

1 pound jumbo shrimp

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup shredded coconut

Get the complete recipe …

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