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Issue 56: A Journey Through Infant Development: The Tenth Month

On the Horizon is an award winning weekly ezine for parents of children with developmental disabilities who want simple, effective strategies to reduce stress, support their child’s development, and improve quality of life for the whole family.

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Opportunity to Make Discoveries

A Note from Nicole: Great Weather; Plans for the summer?

Idea of the Week:  Magazine/Book Holders

Feature Article: A Journey Through Infant Development: The Tenth Month

The Horizons Team Recommends: Learning
as we Grow; Summer CAMPS

Upcoming Events: CORE Approach Parent Teleseminar; Sibshop

A Note From Nicole
Nicole Beurkens

Hi Everyone!

What fabulous weather we had here in Michigan this past weekend! Saturday was sunny and warm, and my family and I spent lots of time outdoors. We spent the morning at a local attraction called Frederick Meijer Gardens, which has wonderful exhibits and activities for adults and kids. It was the last week of their annual butterfly exhibit, and the kids had a great time admiring the hundreds of butterflies flying all around. It felt good to be out in the fresh air without coats on!

Speaking of great sunny weather, summer is right around the corner. Have you made your summer plans for the kids yet? Our summer camps programs are happening in July and August, and we already have a great group of kids shaping up. Once again we’ll be a very diverse group with families visiting from various states and countries. I know many of your kids attend every year, and I don’t want you to miss out on the weeks you want to attend.
Make sure you register soon! Never been to our camps before? Check out the information here and feel free to call or email if you have questions. We look forward to seeing lots of new and familiar faces again this year!

This week’s feature article continues the journey of infant development into the 10th month. Enjoy sharing in the new milestones reached by children at this stage.

Have a great week!

Looking to the horizon,

Nicole Signature

Idea of the Week


Magazine/Book Holders

Since Earth Day is tomorrow I thought this would be a good idea to reuse some items from around the house. Take an empty cereal box and cut off the top of the box. Halfway across the top of the box cut at a 45 degree angle down to the front of the book holder – then cut straight across and back up the other side at the same angle. You can paint the outside of the box to decorate it or decoupage by adding decorative paper to the outside. This makes a great place to store books or magazines you may have lying around and keep them organized.

Feature Article
Brushing Teeth

A Journey Through Infant Development: The Tenth Month

By: Michelle VanderHeide, BSW

Curiosity is something that is developed very early in life and becomes very evident once a child starts to move. Although it can be very annoying to pull babies out of cupboards, dishwashers, refrigerators and toilets, curiosity is an extremely important foundation to a child’s neurotypical development. Curiosity allows discoveries – it offers children those “ah ha” moments in life. If a child doesn’t explore his/her environment ­– in safe circumstances only of course – the opportunity to make discoveries is lost!

  • I can’t seem to get anything done while you are awake! Anytime I try to work in the kitchen, you are immediately into what I’m doing. I open the refrigerator, and there you are pulling something out of the door. I try to prepare food, and you empty every cupboard. I empty the dishwasher, and YIKES – you’re going for a sharp knife!
  • You’re not only into my stuff all the time, but your sisters’ as well. If they are doing a puzzle, you sit on it. If they are playing in their room, it isn’t long before I hear, “Mom!!!!” We all love you, but your sisters have appropriately changed your name from little brother to little bother.
  • Balls are so intriguing! If there is a ball or anything that resembles a ball, you crawl quickly to it. Once you pass it to me, you’ll look right at me and throw your arms in the air and scream. It’s so fun! If there isn’t anybody available to play, you’ll accept that and play catch with yourself. You’ll throw it; go and get it; and then throw it again. It keeps you busy for a long time! That lasted for about a week, and now you’re onto new things. You get bored easily.
  • Brushing teeth is a very interesting event as well. Dad will hold you while he brushes his teeth, and gives you a toothbrush as well. You’ll look at him so intently while he brushes, and then put your toothbrush in your mouth. You think you are so cool brushing your teeth like dad. The look of accomplishment on your face is priceless.


The Horizons Team Recommends

Learning as we Grow

Learning as we Grow

You’ve Been Asking For It – The Resource for Applying Principles of Remediation in School Settings is Finally Here!

This long-awaited book is written for parents and professionals who want to be more effective in their work with students who have neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the core features of neurodevelopmental disorders that create communication, learning, and relationship challenges for your students
  • Shift from a mindset of working around deficits (compensation) to correcting the root issues that create obstacles for your students (remediation)
  • Modify your communication to promote your students’ communication and thinking abilities
  • Identify the unique strengths and obstacles of each student in order to determine appropriate placement and programming
  • Achieve meaningful outcomes for students that allow them to reach their greatest potential
For more information, click here

Summer CAMPS 2009

CAMPS 2009

Your child is going to LOVE the exciting adventures we have planned for
this summer! Each week we will explore a different theme together,
complete with lots of opportunities for movement, music, problem
solving, working together, and indoor and outdoor fun. Our camps are
designed to offer a fun, safe, and therapeutic environment for children
with developmental disabilities to engage with peers, try new things,
and retain skills over the summer months. A low staff to child ratio
ensures that everyone is supported. Principles of the Relationship
Development Intervention (RDI)® Program are integrated throughout all
activities, which provides opportunities for campers to improve
communication, increase competence, enhance regulation, and build

For more details on our Summer Programs, click here

Upcoming Events

Please join us!

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