Autism Education Made Simple Teleseminar

Autism Education Made Simple: What Most Experts Won’t Tell You About How to Make Educating Students With ASD Easier

Attend the FREE Teleseminar January 28th 8PM EST

If you are an education professional working with students on the autism spectrum, you are no doubt left feeling challenged and frustrated at times. Even small everyday activities can feel like a struggle, and you may find yourself wondering why things can’t be easier. Maybe you’ve read many resources about autism, tried lots of techniques, and used different approaches in an effort to make life easier for you and students. But, at the end of the day things still feel like a struggle and you worry about what tomorrow will bring.

Regardless of your students’ functioning level you will benefit from the information I will be sharing during this call, including:

  • The simplest and most important change you can make in your classroom (and it doesn’t require you to get your students to do anything!)
  • How to avoid reacting to students in ways that make your job more difficult (one simple tip can make all the difference)
  • Why building a pyramid from the top-down doesn’t work and how this applies to teaching your students
  • The number one resource your students need and what you must do to provide it (the best part is it won’t cost you anything!)

When attending our teleseminar, the best part is that you can participate no matter where you are located, as the seminar will take place via telephone and Internet. You may listen on your phone or on the web from wherever you are. We will be recording the call, so even if you can’t be on the call live you can listen to the recording when it’s convenient for you!

While this call is offered at no cost to you, the number of available lines for the call is limited. To reserve your spot, simply fill in the boxes below to register. Once you have registered you will receive details on how to access the seminar. Even if you can’t listen to the call live, we will send you the recording of the call­­—but only if you register

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