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The Mena Family

I just wanted to share my deep regard and admiration for Horizons Developmental Remediation Center, Nicole Beurkens and Courtney Kowalczyk. Horizon’s founder and director Nicole reached out to me after hearing of my frustration with finding support not only for my son, who received an Asperger Syndrome diagnosis at 10 years of age, but also for my husband and myself. We could barely pronounce Asperger’s, let alone understand its complexities or how it would affect our son and our family and had struggled for more than a year to find productive assistance.

Help arrived with as Nicole connected us with Courtney at Horizons and we felt relieved and supported with the resources of such dedicated professionals and with such a ground-breaking center on our side. Over the past few months, we, our son’s teachers and others within our circle of family and friends have been amazed at the positive changes that our son has undergone in his life – and feel much more confident in our knowledge and abilities as his parents to support him as we enter the teen years. Courtney always went above and beyond to answer our questions, direct us to valuable resources and provide us with knowledge and confidence that will benefit our entire family for years to come. We highly recommend Horizons to any family of a special needs child for their knowledge, effective programs, sincere desire to support and guide and – most powerful of all – to truly understand and connect.