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Ask the Horizons Team: Struggles with wetting and/or soiling behaviors

Question: Our 10-year-old son has been having wetting and soiling accidents on and off for years.  However, in the past few weeks this has become a daily occurrence and nothing seems to be working.  Every time we ask him about it he lies to us and says he doesn’t need to go or he didn’t …


Ask the Horizons Team: Writing & Typing Computer Programs

Question: I’m looking for a computer program to help my son learn typing and writing skills. He’s 7 years old and is interested in using the computer, but struggles with typing and getting his thoughts down in writing. Do you have any programs you recommend? -Donna in Michigan


Ask the Horizons Team: How a Child’s Diet Impacts Health

Question: I’m trying to understand more about how my child’s diet and general health may be impacting her symptoms, specifically her sleep and irritability.  She has a diagnosis of autism.  Do you have any books or resources you recommend? -Brian in Michigan


Ask the Horizons Team: Birthday Gift Options

Question: My son’s 12th birthday coming up in a few weeks and I’m stumped about what to get him. I don’t want to get him anything related to video games/”screen time” since we have really worked on limiting his exposure to that. I’m looking for some ideas of engaging activities that he could enjoy on …


Ask the Horizons Team: Homework Battle

Question: My 9-year-old son has a really difficult time with homework and it becomes a battle every night.  I feel like from the minute he gets off the bus we are trying to tackle getting it all done, and it’s making me crazy.  Do you have any suggestions of how to make this better for …


What Should I Do When My Child is Anxious?

Anxiety can be debilitating for many individuals, especially those affected by autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions. Last month, I shared specific symptoms and changes in behavior to consider when determining whether or not your child or student is anxious. Now that you know what to look for in relation to anxiety symptoms, the next step …

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