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It takes a village to raise a child

The next step for me was to work in the homes of children with autism. As an In Home Clinician I would develop schedules for the kids, work on life skill goals such as eating at the table, using the bathroom, cleaning up after finishing a task and so on, but every time I would …


212° Learning

If you read our blog regularly you may remember something Erin posted about a couple of months ago – at 211° water is hot, but at 212° it boils; that one degree makes all the difference. We have taken that concept and applied it to our instructional programs. This week in our blog we’re going …


Explore, Dream, Discover

Since Nicole and Michelle tackled variations and elaborations this week in their blogs, I thought I’d try and find a cool quote to tie into that. Since everything you do can be broken down into simpler steps and can also be elaborated into different things, there is always something to do. Get out there and …


Build it up!

Nicole did a beautiful job last night talking about elaborations. She took the standpoint of looking at the final elaboration and choosing prototypes to build competence incrementally in order to achieve success in the final activity. Another way to look at this is to take the activities you might be doing already and think about …


Break It On Down

We had a great chat tonight with some of our families about variations and elaborations. One of the best reminders that came out of it was that every activity can be broken down into component parts that allow you to build competence in increments. One parent mentioned that making a garden would be too complex …



With Spring Break approaching there are many more opportunities for you do get out there and do things with your child(ren). Also, with the weather becoming nicer there are more opportunities to get outside and do activities. By starting out with just the smallest of opportunities it will lead to greater and greater things with …


How beautiful are you?

The saying goes “Do you ever stop to realize how beautiful you are and who the people are in your life that see your beauty? How about right now?” We all have beauty it is just a matter of what we deem beautiful. Some of us have surface beauty, some of us have inner beauty …


The Harsh Reality

Blogging, it’s used to share what’s on our minds. Sometimes we will laugh, sometimes we will ponder, sometimes we will learn, sometimes we will…mourn. Today I blog with a heavy heart. I’m not sharing this story to depress, but rather encourage you down the remediation path in order to prevent the outcome that my family …


Get Out There!

I just returned from a wonderful cruise vacation and sat down to blog with something in mind that I noticed while on the cruise. We traveled on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and one of their tag lines is “Get Out There!” I thought that this is also applicable to the realm of remediating autism. …


Larry King Live

I have to say that I was utterly depressed and very sad watching this show last night. It even caused me to talk to my t.v. (yes I know they can’t hear me). All of these parents and celebrities on there showing this grim picture of what autism is and what we should do to …

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