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I have often found that setting priorities in life can be very difficult. I know where my priorities lie and in which order they should be listed, but it seems that it’s much too easy to get those priorities mixed up, reversed and suddenly I wonder why my relationships are suffering. One of the early …


Dysregulation and Development

I’ve been thinking about dysregulation and developmental “growth spurts” lately as my 9-month old daughter has had a week-long stretch of frustrating behavior. Normally she is a very easy baby – content to hang out with us and do whatever. She generally likes to be held, likes to play with toys on the floor, sleeps …


Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

OK – I was going to be blogging every Friday about our construction project, but there is really nothing new to show for this week so I had to quickly change my mindset. The only thing that happened this week was the plumbing and they back filled around the hole they dug. They couldn’t do …


Leaving Crisis Behind

This is the time of year when many people in my day to day world go into crisis. In my school job I work with many teachers and staff who go into job crisis because there is so much to do and so little time to get it done before summer break. We are all …


Making a Difference

Yesterday Nicole blogged about participating in the miracle of remediation. Tonight I sit in front of my television watching American Idol in which they are spotlighting poor families from around the who are suffering or dieing from AIDS, starvation, Malaria etc… and they are asking for simple donations to make a difference in the lives …


Participating in the Miracle

One of the families I work with submits their video clips each month on DVD’s complete with photo menus, music, and credits after each clip. It’s really fun to see the creativity they put into their videos! On the last two discs I noticed that they have named their “production company”. At the end of …


Construction has begun!

Well, it’s been a pretty exciting week around here this past week. We broke ground on Monday for the addition we’re putting on. Monday was just loud. There were a lot of people here working outside and we could all feel everything going on outside. There was a hole being dug, cement being crushed, it …


Positive Thinking

I was thinking this morning on my drive to work that it was Thursday and my turn to post, but what to post? I decided it would just be a general post about the past week. This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity not only to spend the whole weekend with some of my …


212° – Here We Come!

Well, after a lot of work we finally have our information ready for our new programming. All of the information is slowly making its way out to those of you who may be interested in pursuing some different instructional options with us. Since everyone gave their stories this week, I thought, why not, I have …


Life Changes

So what’s my story? It is much like Nicole and Michelle’s. As I’ve saidbefore I am a speech/language pathologist by trade and have worked in theschools for my whole career. It was about 7 years ago when I first startedworking with children on the autism spectrum in that capacity. As some ofyou may know my …

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