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It actually looks like something!

Wow – what a week! It’s been great to see the tresses go up and then boards on top of that for a roof! The plumber was here too and connected the water to the inside of our main building. We’ve taken walks through the inside to get a feel for what it will be …



First I just want to say that I am very happy that my friends have arrived safely in Paris. We miss them already :) As the school year is rapidly coming to a close this is the time I begin to reflect on what has been accomplished over the past nine months with all of …


We Have Arrived

We arrived safely in Paris today. After a near miss in Newark for our connecting flight, we were happy to arrive here only 5 minutes late today – instead of an entire day! We are tired, we miss our families, but we are excited to be here. We’ve already seen more in one day than …


Taking Our Show on the Road

In a few hours Michelle and I will leave for Paris where we will work with two families for the next week. It’s exciting to be able to share the gift of RDI around the world! I will be sure to share some pictures here when we return. Enjoy your kids this week! Until next …


Update #2

Well, things have been progressing throughout the week. With a day off because of rain, it didn’t get as far along as we hoped for. Things are moving along and we like to stand in the middle of it where the framed walls are so we can figure out where things are going to be …



Family, there is nothing so important in the world. Family comes in many different “shapes and sizes.” Many people have multiple families. There are nuclear families usually made up of blood relation, families of friends, workplace families, church families and on and on the list could go. Family is my number one priority in my …


A New Beginning

Right before my husband (Kevin) and I were married we attended a church service in which the pastor encouraged each person to write a mission statement for themselves and/or their family. Kevin and I took this challenge and decided we’d like to start our marriage off with a mission statement. Unfortunately we got as far …


Piano Duets and Co-regulation

  As I observed my son’s piano lesson this afternoon the concept of co-regulation came to mind. He had practiced a song this past week and after he played it for his teacher she suggested they play the duet together. She joined him at the piano and they played the song together – my son …


Update on Construction

Just a few pictures this Friday to show the progress on our addition. We’re excited to see it coming together. We all took turns standing in the middle of it today to visually see where things will be. Hopefully we’ll have our 2nd floor walls next week. Enjoy!


Unconditional Love

Sometimes it is amazing how much we at the office think along the same lines. I knew already on Saturday night what I would blog about this week. As Michelle said in her post this week I got my priorities in order. I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours on Saturday night …

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