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No Regrets … Only Possibilities

I was having lunch the other day with my sister and grandma. As we were enjoying our lunch we started talking about vacations and the places my sister and I were planning to go over the next year. We were talking about how expensive some vacations can be, but my grandma put it into perspective …


Success Stories

I received this funny and exciting story from a family today and had to share. It brought me laughter and tears as I read it. I of course took out names, so it might read a little over confidential like, but you’ll get the idea. “The trip to California (last week) was just for pleasure. …


You can all be creative!

A lot of you are off for a few days or maybe even a week over the holidays and so time is in your hands. Some of you may be thinking – what am I going to do with my child during this time? You shouldn’t be hearing – “I’m bored,” or “There’s nothing to …


Schools Clarification

In my last post I wrote about my two different jobs and that I would be blogging about a variety of things one of which being RDI in relation to schools. After thinking about it for the last week I wanted to offer some clarification to what I meant by that. First of all, RDI …



Many of you have probably heard the phrase Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). I was writing this down for a family the other day when a fellow employee says “I don’t like that word”, refering to stupid of course. Ok, so it’s not nice, but I didn’t make up the phrase! So anyway, I have …


What do piano lessons have to do with Broadband Processing?

My oldest son is in first grade and started taking piano lessons about 8 weeks ago. This is his first experience with playing the piano so everything is new to him. So far he has been exposed to rhythm / beat counts for each note, note names, using the right and left hand, where to …


Something to think about…

I will be posting on Fridays to hopefully enlighten you over the weekend. My posts will mainly be quotes, poems, sayings, or activity ideas I come across over the week that I feel will be appropriate for many of you out there.My name is us and I’m the office manager at Horizons. I make sure …


How Early It Starts

Hi, My Name is Erin and I will be blogging on Thursdays. I have been working at Horizons for a little over a year now. I started as the Speech/Language Pathologist at Horizons and have recently become one of the RDI(tm)Program Certified Consultants on staff. I love working at Horizons and enjoy all of my …


Trauma at Meijer

This is my firts post to the Horizon’s blog and if you haven’t guessed already, I will be posting on Wednesdays. My name is Michelle and I have had the wonderful privilege of working at Horizons for over three years now. I am one of the RDI(tm)consultants here and am also the Assistant Director. It …


The first post of our blogging adventure

Well, it’s a Tuesday evening and you are hearing from me for what I hope will be the first of many Tuesdays to come. My colleagues and I are undertaking this blogging adventure as a way to put our thoughts, stories, ideas, observations, and wonderings out there for anyone in the world who is interested …

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