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【U】 加工 (Processing)

Processing is the topic for this week. I have had a lot of time to think about this over the course of the past week and have come to realize that I take processing for granted so often that I wonder just how much the students I work with really miss on a day to …


The House is On Fire! (prioritizing treatment needs)

I recently had a parent refer to the many needs of her daughter in this way: “It’s like there are three floors of the house burning – where do you start and which level do you fight the fire on first?” As I am a fan of visual imagery and metaphors, I’d like to use …


Man on Bicycle

One of our parents wrote this essay and gave us permission to share it with you here. It paints a wonderful picture of the importance of broadband communication and meaning-making between people. Thanks to Penny Ray for sharing this with us and for allowing us to share it with others. I was at a busy …


Non-verbal Communication

As promised last week I am going to talk about my observations of non-verbal communication. It is amazing how relevant these topics become when you really start to focus and think about them. This past Friday we held a teacher workshop at Horizons talking about the core deficits of autism and ways that school personnel …


Episodic Memory

Episodic memory is one of the more difficult core deficits to really grasp and to understand both conceptually and also to know when we see it being remediated in those with autism. First I’m going to give you a quick description of what episodic memory is and then give some examples we have heard or …


Apples and Tuna Fish

I recently watched from afar as a group of people on a message board argued vehemently back and forth over the merits of various autism treatments, particularly ABA and CORE Approach. There were strong sentiments on both sides and the battle became quite heated at times. Statistics were thrown around as evidence that ABA methodologies …


Get started – but it’s not a race!

Again, since everyone talked about so many different topics this week, I’ll have to branch out on my own as well. So, thanks to Nicole for finding this quote. “How you start is important, but in the end it is how you finish that counts. It is easier to be a self-starter than a self-finisher. …


Communication – What happens when it breaks down?

I know I said I would be talking about my observations of non-verbal communication today, but something came up this week that I have been thinking a lot about and it ties in with communication so I am going to blog about that this week and come back to my observations next week. Plus that …



Ok, so I skipped last week, I feel bad, but not bad enough to appraise that I needed to go back and do the entire post again. You see I didn’t forget to write my post, the blogspot server just decided to give up on me the minute I was about to publish. Ugh!! Talk …


Duct Tape – What’s not to love?!

I will admit to being an occasional Amazon shopper. Sometimes I just need to zone out for a minute and Amazon never fails to provide something interesting to look at. One night a few weeks ago I really didn’t want to get started on my statistics homework so I decided to take a small detour …

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