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How to Help Your Child with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, or Behavior Disorders Eat More Nutritious Food

I hear it on a regular basis, “If he even thinks it is healthy, he won’t touch it.”  “It’s a vegetable, she doesn’t eat vegetables.”  “If it isn’t white, fried or sweet he’s not eating it.”  Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?  You’re not alone, but there is a solution.  You buy the food …


Bullying and Special Needs: Teaching Children to Advocate for Themselves

If you’re the parent of child with behavioral, physical and emotional challenges, it’s normal for you to go into mama or papa bear mode when you feel they are being mistreated. You don’t want to see them overlooked for a birthday party. You don’t want them harassed during recess or the last one to be …


Gratitude for Special Needs? You Betcha!

In her book, Life WILL Get Better: Simple Solutions for Parents of Children with Attention, Anxiety,  Mood and Behavior Challenges, Dr. Nicole Beurkens talks about the challenges of raising a child with special needs. Sure, there are the melt downs, the focus issues, the food allergies, the education road blocks, the social stumblings and the …


Put Your Child’s Bad Behavior to Rest with a Good Night’s Sleep

Many parents think that once babies are older, their sleep issues are over. Unfortunately many toddlers, kids and even teens have sleep issues. Whether it’s a proper bedtime routine, getting in bed, or actually sleeping through the night, many moms and dads feel hopeless as their nighttime dreams are dashed (literally!). Despite what might feel …


Could Food Sensitivities Be Causing or Worsening Your Child’s ADHD Symptoms?

Could my child’s inattention and behavior difficulties be related to food sensitivities?  If you are wondering about the root causes of your child’s attention and behavior problems, it is quite possible that sensitivity to a food(s) is the culprit.  Food sensitivities are negative responses the body has when exposed to certain foods. Unlike food allergies, …


Basic Nutrition Concepts for Kids with ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Behavior Disorders

In the last several decades we have gotten farther and farther away from good basic wholesome nutrition.  There are so many convenience foods out there; it is almost impossible to keep your kids away.  The difficulty is, these convenience foods are so laden with toxic chemicals we are actually creating problems in our children where …


Is Your Child Not Listening and Understanding? When is it time to seek professional advice?

Does your child seem to have trouble listening?  Do you feel like you have to repeat yourself several times before your child responds?  Does your child have difficulty following directions?  Do you feel like your child’s responses make no sense?  Does your child always seem to be tuned out?  These questions are related to your …


Is Your Child Difficult to Understand? When is it time to seek professional advice?

Do you have difficulty understanding part or all of what your child says?  Do you know what your child is saying, but others find your child difficult to understand?  Do you frequently find yourself repeating or correcting what your child has said?  Are there certain sounds that your child makes incorrectly?  Are you wondering if …


Reading And It’s Impact On Language Development: Why is it so important to start early?

Is an infant or toddler interested in books?  Does s/he like looking at the pictures in books or magazines?  Does your child seem curious about the words on the page? These questions reflect the importance of introducing books early on in a child’s life. Recent studies have shown that infants make more attempts to communicate …


What is Nonverbal Communication Anyway? What do I do if my child isn’t using it?

Does your child use more than one or two facial expressions?  Does your child ever use gestures to help others understand him?  Does your child use different tones of voice?  Can your child control her vocal volume?  Is your child able to orient to the person talking?  Does your child understand personal space?  If any …

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