We’re on our Way!


We’re on our Way!

Ok – my turn for blogging is coming a little early because I’m not going to be in the office the next 2 days and didn’t want to leave you with a week without pictures. We have paint color on the wall, flooring in the new bathroom, furnace installed, new concrete out the main entrance (more to come later), and a wall knocked down. Tomorrow they are going to knock out the staircase that so many of you have traveled up and down – which means we’ll be able to use our new staircase! The drywallers will then have some work to do again since a wall is now gone and a staircase will be missing and that will start on Friday. Our bathroom should get finished up next week along with more work on the parking lot. We’re hoping for the paint to be finished up and hope for some carpet to be laid by the end of next week. Enjoy your pictures as things keep looking different around here.
The new hallway behind my office into the new addition!
Our friendly painter Tom!
The doors drying and waiting to be hung back up!
Who likes our new paint color? We do!!!

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